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Pearse Lyons Distillery To Open In Spring 2017


In December 2013 the Lyons family purchased St. James’ Church. The historic St. James’ Church will become the Pearse Lyons Distillery which is to open its doors in Spring 2017. Deidre Lyons, co-founder of Alltech and wife of Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech, are renovating and rebuilding the property situated in the heart of the Liberties.

“We are carefully restoring the property, which will allow visitors experience a working boutique distillery, including a visitors centre that will showcase the rich traditions of distillery in this historical area of Dublin city,” said Mrs. Lyons, who is also the director of corporate image and design at Alltech. “We have decided to name the property Pearse Lyons Distillery, as traditionally many distilleries are named after the person who established them.”

One of the main features of the new re-renovated development is a glass spire composed of eight stainless steel rafters coming together at the top, held together with hand-welded intersections. The spire has recently been set in place on top of St. James’ Church to replace the old church spire and weighs nearly 10 tonnes. The church itself has had a lot of renovation done to it. The roof tiles have been replaced with new slate tiles that come from the original quarry in Wales. The stone columns, originally imported from the city Caen in Normandy, France, have been restored to resemble the original structure.

“We are thrilled by the latest addition to our family, in the heart of Dublin’s historic brewing and distilling district. The Pearse Lyons Distillery and visitors centre will showcase the rich history of distilling in Dublin’s Liberties. Visitors will have the opportunity to feel, taste, see, smell and learn about the process of distilling Irish Whiskey and take home some of their very own to share the story with their family and friends,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons.

This part of the Liberties were once known as the “Golden Triangle” back in the 19th century before the days of prohibition. In 1804 there were as many as 30 breweries, distilleries and cooperages. Irish whiskey was in high demand, but eventually prohibition forced many distilleries out of business. The Lyons family have their own history attach to St. James’ Church (the existing building dates back to 1861). Thomas Lyons, the father of Pearse Lyons, was born near the church on South Earl Street and his grandfather, John Hubert Lyons, was buried in the church graveyard. He was one of many grocers, tanners, skinners, coopers, distillers and brewers buried in the church graveyard. The Pearse Lyons Distillery is located on Dublin’s newest tourist trail which runs from College Green to Kilmainham and it is hoped that the distillery will attract thousands of whiskey lovers.

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