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Blessing of Irish Heroes Graves in St James’ Graveyard

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Blessing of Irish Heroes Graves in St James’ Graveyard

Monday the 25th of April will see a special service for the memory of Lieutenant George Fullerton of the Irish Citizen Army and his wife, Elizabeth Fullerton who served in Cumman na mBan both lived at 52 Bow Lane west, James’s Street.

George was shot and wounded at 7.55 am on the 25th April 1916. He had supervised the evacuation of St Stephens Green and the retreat to the College of Surgeons. He was captured and subsequently interned in Frongoch Prison Camp.

On that same day at approx 3.30 pm, Elizabeth was carrying a dispatch from James Connolly in the GPO to Commandant Ned Daly’s outpost at North King St. Elizabeth had been to Liberty Hall earlier that day looking for news of her husband, she checked into the GPO and was assured that George was well. Connolly asked her if she would pass on a message to Commandant Ned Daly’s position. Having delivered the dispatch she was returning home to her five children when she was caught in crossfire on Church St. She was shot in the leg and she carried that bullet to her grave over 40 years later.

Upon George’s return from Frongoch, the couple had triplets who’s godmothers were Constance Markievicz, Dr Kathleen Lynn and Grace Gifford.  They were subsequently known as the “Republican Triplets” and each was named after their respective godmother.

Elizabeth Fullerton

Elizabeth Fullerton pictured above

The service will take place at St James Church, James Street at 10 am, this will be followed by a trip to an especially reopened St James Graveyard across the road for a blessing of the graves. The graveyard has not been opened to the public for nearly 30 years.  All are welcome to attend the service and blessing.

The graveyard contains some 750 headstones and among some of its more famous dead are Ms Margaret Leeson, the notorious 18th century brothel keeper, Sir Toby Butler (Solicitor General under James the Second) as well as a number of members of the British Army, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Republican Army.

While at the church don’t forget to check out our own exhibition on Rising here 

12 Responses

  1. Ken mooney says:

    Hi when will this mass be taken place ?
    Would it be possible to visit the grave yard for photos and possibly an article for the Irish military story magazine.

    Thank your in advance
    Ken Mooney
    Irish military story magazine.

  2. Admin says:

    It takes place this Monday 25th of April at 10.30am, the Graveyard will be open for the duration of the blessing

  3. Derek J Fullerton says:

    I’m his grandson. Eldest son of George Fullerton, his eldest son.

  4. Derek J Fullerton says:

    Sorry i could not have been there to celebrate this great day. I was born in 1947 so I never knew him. But I knew my granmother very well.

  5. Patrick Fullerton says:

    Hi Derek, I’m Patrick son of George’s second son Joseph born 1910 who passed away in 1957. My sister Pauline and I were taken away and put in institutions and do not have any contact with “family”. I live in England now. Pauline passed away in 2013. I do remember a story from Kathleen Brennan who is alleged to have said Granny hated Monday as it always rained. Unbeknown to her Kathleen’s kids were pouring water out the window from above so Kathleen could get the washing done!!!!
    I do hope you get to read this message. I am travelling to Dublin on the 02nd November 2017 fro a memorial mass for Pauline. you can contact me on 44 7443594120 or e-mail

  6. Gemma Brennan says:

    Hi everyone my name is gemma brennan my grandmother was Kathleen Brennan her son Thomas is my dad it’s lovely reading all of this

  7. George Fullerton says:

    Hi everyone, I am George Fullerton’s grandson and I’m also called George Fullerton. Christopher was my father!

    I am living back in Dublin now, actually in HSQ, near Bow Lane. I lived abroad for many years.

  8. Catherine Hanlon says:


    I am wondering if anyone knows of other family members who are buried in the grave or in the cemetery. I am trying to locate the grave of Anastasia Ryan (nee Fullerton). She is the sister of George Fullerton. She died in 1927. Anastasia’s daughter is my neighbour (in her late 90’s)and she has been trying for some time to locate where her mother is buried.

  9. Barry Russell says:

    My 3rd Great Grandparents lived in 50 Bow Lane.

  10. Michelle Freeman says:

    Hi has anyone got any information of Elizabeth McDonnell or McDonald regarding her birth or parents family before she married as I’m researching her for my family tree anything would be a great help

  11. Michelle Freeman says:

    My email address if anyone has information on George’s wife Elizabeth McDonnell/ McDonald

  12. Kathryn O’Flanagan says:

    I am Kathryn, My father Kevin O’Flanagan was George’s grandson, his mother being George’s daughter Ethel O’Flanagan née Fullerton who died in 1949. Would love to hear anything about the Fullerton side.

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