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#Hashtags are generally used to collect related articles into groups, just like a ‘category’. For example, all articles which deal with the subject of ‘urban regeneration’ on FRG.ie can be accessed by clicking the #UrbanRegeneration link at the bottom of all relevant articles.

Hashtags have been around for many years, but it is only since Twitter started using them, that they have fully crossed over into the mainstream. Nowadays, many websites feature #Hashtags instead of the more traditional basic ‘tags’.


We are always open to suggestions about issues to cover, particularly if they are relevant to James’ Street, Thomas Street and the general Dublin 8 area. So, if there is an issue or an area of interest which you would like us to cover more, or if you would like to recommend a #Hashtag, please feel free to email recommendations to info@frg.ie, or send them via our contact form.


Finally, if you are using Twitter, why not use the #Dublin8 hashtag whilst posting local stories? This will help other locals to find news which is related to our area.

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