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A Gift of Life

Church of god

A Gift of Life

On Thursday the 26th of March, the religious organisation, the Church of God, invited me to their blood drive. I have never donated blood myself and wasn’t really sure where the blood bank was located, although I have passed the building on several occasions. When I arrived in LaFayette House on D’Olier Street it was just past noon. I was met by members of the Church of God organisation. We walked together through the open doors from the lift area, and found ourselves in a really welcoming foyer. There were plenty of eager receptionists ready to take donors details and my fear of blood and needles were quickly allayed!

There are a few tests blood donors need to pass in order for their donation to be accepted. Once you have filled out your medical history you are brought into a side room where you get a short interview from a healthcare professional. The questions are routine enough and are necessary to prevent the circulation of blood born diseases and viruses. Once you pass all of these requirements you are then brought in to another part of the building, where the blood is taken. It’s a fairly quick and painless process for most people, some might feel a little lightheaded, but nothing a cup of tea and a biscuit couldn’t solve.

And after you donate, that’s exactly what you get! You are brought down to an area a bit like an open plan café and there is no shortage of complimentary tea, coffee and snacks available. According to one of the staff, on any given day up to 140 people can come through the doors to give blood, and they might do that up to 4 times a year. So the next time you see someone ill in hospital, who are given a blood transfusion, think about the people who donate their blood.

The Church Of God Members donates blood in every city or country, no matter where they are, and they explained to me that whenever a member has the opportunity to help someone, they will help, regardless of their personal situation. You may recall in late 2013 we did a feature on some of the other work they do in the community, namely, the huge clean up around the LUAS stops in Fatima, Rialto and behind St James Hospital. They really are a wonderful and generous group.

Spending the day in the blood donation centre really helped me realise the importance of the service, and the quantity of blood needed in Ireland daily. Giving blood is a rewarding and selfless act that costs nothing but a half an hour from your day!

The Irish Blood Centre is in D’Ollier House in Dublin City, you can go to their web site at for any more information.

The Church Of God is located in Smithfield, Dublin City.

9 Responses

  1. amy says:

    Felt great after donating was very nervous at 1st but the staff made me feel at ease they were so nice and friendly and answered all my questions..I’m glad we as a family (church) did this together it was a great experience and I look forward to donating agaig ..

  2. Joah says:

    O well done! I haven’t given blood… I’d like to join in it!!

  3. Eileen says:

    Blood donation is goooood! If one person donates blood, two people can live.
    Church of God looks good church cuz real love is givigng life.

  4. keane says:

    That is brilliant guys.You are great!!

  5. Paul says:

    Jesus said ‘Love your neighbor’.
    This church looks good. it practices the words of Jesus like this!!!

  6. Edward says:

    We would like to give thanks also to the people of the blood bank for the hospitality amd kindness in looking after each one of us. And it was much appreciated and very joyful event that we attended. I look forward very much to the next event; blood donation.

  7. James says:

    Cool!! guys

  8. Grainne says:

    I would like to thank all the staff at the D’Olier street when we the Church of God donated blood worldwide to share the love of Elohim Father and Mother had great day and look forward to next time everyone welcome 🙂 also big thanks to Alan for his surport 🙂

  9. Alan Finn says:

    To all the members of the church of god greatly thank you for the experience which I truly enjoyed at your latest gift of life campaign, in which some of you donated your own blood to save other people who you may never know. I like the fact if one person can donate blood, two people can live that’s a gift. Thanks to Grainne for her mention, as its not just me, its all at the fountain resource group, we are one big team, but thank you keep up the good work and I look very forward to dealing with you in our community, in the very near future…….Alan & bye

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