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Duggan’s, A Real Local Pub

Duggan’s, A Real Local Pub

Located on Parkgate Street, just on the outskirts of the city, a stone’s throw from Heuston Station and just a short walk from the Phoenix Park, P. Duggan’s is a pub in a prime location. Perfect for anyone looking for a pint before grabbing a train, after a long day trekking around the zoo or on the way to a match in Croke Park. Even with its prime location, the pub has managed to maintain its charm and atmosphere as a real local pub. That is down to the hard work of landlord Ger Duggan, who was kind enough to sit down with me and tell me about P. Duggan’s.

It’s just over six years since Ger took control of the pub and it hasn’t been an easy journey getting established amongst such a busy road of pubs, bars and restaurants. “I had black hair six years ago, which is now gone grey” Ger jokes as he talks about the challenges he has faced in his time as landlord.

One of the first challenges he needed to take on was building the reputation of the bar and putting his own stamp on it. “You have an idea of what way you want the pub to be.” It may have taken time, hard work and whole lot of patience but he has got things running his way with the pub now boasting one of the warmest, friendliest atmospheres around. Ger puts this down to being really strict when needed and weeding out the bad apples, all while making sure the good customers are well looked after.

What really makes a good local is the locals and this landlord has nothing but praise for his regulars. “There the best in the world to be honest with you, they kept me in business for six years. You really have to look after them as best you can.” And with some of the best value pints around, €5.00 for Guinness and €5.50 for lager, it’s no wonder they keep coming back.

For those of you looking for some nice pub grub, food will be back on the menu soon. A new kitchen at P. Duggan’s was opened in 2019 but was forced to close when the pandemic hit. It shouldn’t be too long before it will be open again. But for now, you can still get a classic ham and cheese toastie to go with your pint.


The pandemic has had a massive effect on every business and P. Duggan’s was no exception. Talking about the pandemic Ger said “It was tough, it was tough enough to be honest” adding “But you just had to get through it, there’s not much you can do.” Luckily most of the companies he deals with were happy to help, taking back stock or not charging for their last delivery. “Everyone apart from the banks were helpful” he jokes with a mischievous grin.

But it wasn’t just financially that businesses were affected as the pandemic had a huge impact on the nation’s mental health. The staff at P. Duggan’s certainly felt it. “It really affected them badly, they really missed going to work.” People missed the routine of heading into work, the chats with co-workers and customers. Then there’s the inevitable boredom, there is only so many banana breads you can bake and tv shows you can binge watch. But he is clearly delighted to have his doors open again, to be pulling pints and getting back into that routine.

Like most of Dublin 8, Parkgate Street is undergoing major development work and that is good news for local businesses along this busy Dublin road. With plenty of potential for new customers, a good group of regulars, great pints and a new menu on the way shortly, the future is looking bright for Ger and P. Duggan’s, a real local pub on the outskirts of the city.

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