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Plan for a St James Linear Park Published

New Masterplan for a St James to Suir Road linear park published – Craig discusses the new exciting plans for the Bulfin/Rialto/Hybrasil Park

Ait Urbanism and Landscape artists have been appointed by Dublin Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services to perform an assessment of St James linier park. It has published a draft masterplan for the green spaces around the Red Luas line between Rialto and Fatima. Their design takes into account site analysis, as well as research and dialogue with the community. A series of public workshops took place back in 2018 to come up with a vision for the area, which has been expanded ahead of the opening of the NHC in 2023.

The aim is to create a variety of landscapes along the luas which provide a safe, enjoyable amenity for the local community, which will be a destination for all. It should also provide new green spaces to improve quality of life in the area. The plan draws on pre-existing assets focusing on the maturity of landscape, connectivity and it’s adjacency to institutional centres. It looks to connect everything together in a way that serves the community better, and will be brought to life by the activity of the community who use it. The key aim is to take advantage of underutilised green space in the area, re-imagining it to provide new  benefits for locals and visitors alike.

The scheme is subject to funding and would be implemented phases Construction was originally intended to begin in September but due to the pandemic it has been pushed back to Q2021.

Phase 1 includes improving the arrival space at the MISA building entrance of St James’s hospital.

New soft and hard landscaping finishes should improve access, and there will now be bicycle parking and bench seating in a new central space. This should encourage more people to cycle to the area, and is part of a larger plan to improve the circulation of traffic. There will also be additional trees planted, as well as wild-flower meadow scaping.

Development will occur along the various Luas stops: The Fatmia Luas stop will see the development of new play areas and an amphitheatre type space taking advantage of existing topography. There are also plans for a community Garden but this is subject to consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Fatima luas stop to Rialto bridge also looks to be a hot-spot destination for Skateboarding enthusiasts, with the provision of skateable elements along a new path network. This is dependent upon the management of covid delays but it should make the park a popular destination for young people.

There will be a pocket play area for toddlers for families who are visiting the hospital.  These developments are scheduled to come to fruition in March 2022, coinciding with the opening of the children’s hospital.

At RIalto Bridge west of Suir Road Bridge, the path network will be widened to create a pedestrian and cycling lane, along with the planting of wildflowers to increase biodiversity.

North of the Luas infrastructure there are plans for orchard planting, and other large specimen trees that with a combination of extra options for cyclists, and access to green space, should improve air quality in the area. With consultation from local residents, there could also be a community Garden here.

Perhaps most interestingly, consultation is underway to take advantage of the canal as an amenity, with a kayaking platform together with places for Kayak storage.

All of these measures would go towards harnessing the potential in the area to provide more options to the community and make it a destination for visitors. Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Laura Burke, has recently stated that the overall quality of Ireland’s environment is not what it should be, and solutions will be required to be implemented across many sectors and society. Air quality in some urban regions has been declining over the years and while this new plan commissioned by  Dublin City Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services is only one part of a range of strategies to tackle this problem, it nevertheless relies on consultation with the community.

Currently, it is difficult to hold public meetings due to the Covid-19 restrictions so they are looking for people to have their say and give feedback using the online survey online now:

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  1. Sylvie Reilly says:

    More lights should be put in place along the pass but also underneath the bridge (Suir Road Luas stop) It is far too dark, walking there in the evening time & risky, as we never know what could take place, in that section. A cycle lane, along the canal is welcome. A statue park would be so inviting. Such space does not have to be used only for kids (playgrounds,….) A skate board park is located nearby off Cork Street. Do we need more of the same ? Benches for older people to gather & exchange would be lovely too

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