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Lord Iveagh Takes Back Control of Iveagh Markets

Lord Iveagh takes back control of Iveagh markets – Stephen Davis has this surprise development in the ongoing saga!

In an unforeseen twist to the fate of the Iveagh Markets which has been derelict for decades, Arthur Edward Rory Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh and the Iveagh trustees invoked a “reverter” clause to take back control of the historical Liberties landmark.

A clause was built into the original 1906 Deed of Conveyance that the market should always be used as a market or it’s ownership would revert to the Guinness family.

Planning permission was granted for Businessman Martin Keane redevelopment of The Iveagh Markets t in 2007 after agreeing to a long-term leasehold with the Council in 1997. Planning permission lapsed in 2017 after the properties, developers’ plans failed to come to fruition.

A spokesperson for the Council said that “as the Iveagh Market building has ceased to be used as a market for a considerable number of years, Lord Iveagh has, in accordance with the terms contained in the Deed of Conveyance, repossessed the property this morning and notified the Council accordingly.”

The Council is considering the matter with its legal advisors,” they said.

The liberties based senator Rebecca Moynihan said: “I welcome this development as this historic building which should be the jewel of the Southwest inner city has been left vacant in ruinous condition for far too long.

I am writing to the Minister for Heritage, Malcolm Noonan, because the building requires substantial investment to see if the State can work with Lord Iveagh to ensure that the market is restored to a proper market for the people of Dublin.”

According to RTÉ, which first reported the development, there are plans to restore the building to its original market use.

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  1. It would be amazing to get a Dublin Market up and running it was amazing to see so many Dubliners shop there

  2. Avri Citron says:

    It would be great if the market was used for businesses; not just food sales but all kinds of businesses. It would regenerate the area and bring the gravity of retail over to Francis St again. There are a few other markets, like Liberty Market and New Market Square; but not in that half of the Coombe area. It would help connect foot trade to the Liberties, from Dame St and the likes of tourist shoppers from The Maldron and The Radisson. People go down Thomas St, from those areas, but this would be less of a walk.

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