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Happy Christmas From the Fountain Youth


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Happy Christmas From the Fountain Youth

The Battle of Coal Christmas

Once upon a time Santa was going on a test drive of his sleigh with his reindeer to get ready for Christmas. There was a huge snowstorm and Santa got lost on the test drive. Not even Rudolph’s nose could find a way through the snowstorm.

The elves had to find Santa. They were worried because they might not find Santa. The Elves looked everywhere and could not find him. They found a piece of Santa’s sleigh and two reindeer, Vixen and Prancer, but there was still no sign of Santa.

Back at the North Pole the Elves tried to make another Santa. The Elves made a robot Santa. They made robot Santa out of old mean toys so robot Santa was an evil robot Santa.

Evil Robot Santa took over the North Pole. He shouted at all the Elves and screamed at the Elves too. The elves made an army of evil toy soldiers for him. He was going to use them to take over the world. Evil Santa also made all the Elves turn all the presents into coal.

Finally, Santa found his way home to the North Pole and all the elves were so happy that Santa came back. They met secretly at night to plan how to fight Evil Robot Santa and his toy soldier army. A magic fairy turned up and gave toy guns to all the elves.

Next morning, Santa started a battle with evil Santa and it went on for ages. The magic fairy came and told them to shoot the toy guns at the evil soldiers. She also gave them slingshots with stone to defeat Evil Robot Santa. After a long battle they finally defeated Evil Robot Santa. Santa Claus won the big battle and Evil Robot Santa was dead.

The elves were so happy they had a party, a Christmas party, and they had a lot of fun. So Santa saved Christmas and got to give all the presents to the nice children and coal to the naughty children. He lived in his workshop with Mrs Claus who gave Santa a big cookie and a glass of milk every day. He always had a big nap after he drank his milk and ate his big cookie and he lived happily ever after because Santa saved Christmas for the children who were very very happy.

By Seán, Age 8.


Santa’s Evil Elves

Once upon a time there was an elf called Bart. He was always trying to ruin Christmas but it never happened… or did it? … ”don don doh!”

Santa had a friend called Patrick Star, real name Evan Miller. He was an undercover agent who worked for Santa to see who was naughty or nice. Be careful, he might be looking at you!

This year Santa’s sleigh was stolen. Every reindeer was stolen but accept dasher, the one reindeer that could communicate. Santa knew who stole his sleigh and all the reindeer.

He called Bart but he was still in the bold boy corner. It couldn’t have been him…or could it? He had another enemy called Josh, it could have been him. He rode the reindeer to Rexvile, a country near France. He didn’t know where Josh lived but luckily he brought his magic naughty or nice list. He found his name and address in Fort Poulitor, 98 street. He found his house but he was not in. The magic list said he had worked in a circus close to town. ”The circus had lots of clowns”, said Evan to Santa on the phone. They looked at every clown but he wasn’t one of them. Santa was coming out of the circus when he saw Josh and Bart together with a snow globe. Santa said ”why do they have snow globes?” Josh and Bart ran away. Santa chased them but he couldn’t run with the milk and cockies that Mrs. Clause made him. He felt tired and had a nap at the Ruden Hotel.

The next day he started searching for the robbers again. The magic list said that Bart and Josh were in a bar called John Morrisey’s. Santa was smart and thought of an idea. If he went in with his uniform on the boys would run, so he got a haircut in the barbers, put a Christmas sweater on, and went in. He saw the boys and sat beside them. Santa said ”what your name?” to Josh. Josh replied ”Josh”, and Bart replied ”Bart”. ”Want to be friends?”, Santa asked. Josh and Bart said yes. When they weren’t looking, he used Ms. Clause’s sleepy potion and knocked them out.

Santa brought them to his reindeer and flew them back to the North Pole. He told them to tell him where the sleigh was hidden. It was hidden in Hexvil. Santa went to Hexvil and found the sleigh and went back to the North Pole. Santa gave Josh and Bart a rubex cube for the bold boy corner so it wouldn’t be bored in the bold boy corner. That’s is because Santa is so nice and sometimes when Santa doesn’t give you all your present, it is because he is sometimes so tired from Ms.Clause’s cookies. Santa saved the day and delivered the presents to all the kids.


By Alex M., age 8.


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