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Fantasia 4th October 2012


Fantasia 4th October 2012

One night by the light of the moon
The clothesline came alive
The shirt caused the blouse to swoon
When asked up to dance for a jive

The socks and the nylons they danced
Their footwork mesmerised all the rest
In excitement a bra hit the ground
But there wasn’t a sign of a breast

The old bloomers wiggled about
As the music it played Le Bamba
The long johns they stayed on the line
As they were too old to dance to a Samba

The underpants stayed there erect
From the water with starch that was used
And the knickers they went up and down
All the rest on the line just caroused

The night it had passed very fast
And the pink bloomers started to blush
For right in its seat was a hole showing all
Cause by a thorn from that gooseberry bush

The trousers and dancing dress
Had talents that they soon would reveal
As they showed their class at Riverdance
To a classical old Irish reel

At dawn all the hankies they cried
As the breeze blew them all in the air
For the heat of an iron they must face
And the thoughts of being scorched was their scare

The secrets of that special night
Would be theirs for evermore
And someday day before they’re worn and old
They’ll meet up for a dance as before


Again to add a bit of humour I have added another one of my poems from my book Poems of Reality.
Visualise your clothesline coming alive and be careful where you put each item of clothing when you’re hanging out your washing from now on.
I hope all FRG readers enjoy it

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