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Magazine Fort To Be Developed As A Tourist Attraction

Magazine Fort To Be Developed As A Tourist Attraction – Stephen Davis as the news about the new development


“Now’s here’s a proof of Irish sense

Here Irish wit is seen

When nothing’s left that’s worth defence

We built a Magazine”

Jonathan Swift


It has been announced by the Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan that funding has been set aside for the Office of Public Works to develop the historic star fort in a state of the art interactive visitors centre.

Speaking at the Magazine Fort the Minister said: “The OPW and I are dedicated to improving both accessibility to and the visitor experience in the Park, which I regard as an important national amenity.

Visiting military sites and buildings is an increasingly popular segment of the international tourism market and the investment proposed will contribute to the State’s tourism offering.


“With the proposed project, we will support the care and conservation of our national heritage estate and enhance the visitor infrastructure on-site and in the Phoenix Park.”

The proposed upgrades to the fort include the conservation of the structure, the construction of sound and light installations as well as the development of a visitor walk on the ramparts which will provide views over the Phoenix Park and the city.

Build in 1735, the fort was occupied by British Armed Forces until 1922 when it it was turned over to the Irish Defence Forces and continued to operate as an ammunition store until it was fully demilitarised in the 1980s.


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