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1916 Walking Tour: Sunday 31st January 2016


1916 Walking Tour: Sunday 31st January 2016

A 1916 Walking Tour from Beggar’s Bush to St. Stephen’s Green will take place on Sunday. The meeting point is the Irish Labour History Museum and will start at 1pm. It has been organised by Labour Party TD Kevin Humphreys, but is free for all to attend. It will be a day to learn the Local Story of the Easter Rising in the Dublin South Bay area.

The tour will be hosted by Pat Liddy from Walking Tours Dublin. “I decided to arrange the event after receiving several requests in the last year from members of the Labour Party in Dublin Bay South, who wanted to ensure that we marked the centenary,” Kevin Humphreys said on his official site.

Some of the interesting moments in history that will be relived on this tour, including Councillor O’Carroll’s, assassination. He was shot in 1916 when he was captured on Camden Street on the 26th April 1916 by the notorious Captain Bowen-Colthurst (who was found guilty of insanity after executing the Journalist Francis Sheehy Skeffington, the Editor Thomas Dickson of The Eye-opener and Editor Patrick McIntyre of the newspaper Searchlight, at the Portobello Barracks).

Skeffington witnessed Bowen-Colthurst shoot dead a 17-year-old boy on the Portobello Bridge. During the execution of the newspaper men, Bowen-Colthurst was heard saying “I am taking these prisoners out and I am going to shoot them because I think it is the right thing to do” just before he told them to stand up against a wall, where they were shot. He proceeded to shoot them again after they fell to the ground, to make sure that there would be no survivors.

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