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The Way We Socialize Will Be Changing This Year

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The way we socialize will be changing this year according to a latest report from Diageo. Diageo’s first ‘Future Series’ trend report revealed three trends that can be expected in 2017.

Social scenes from around the world were studied by a team of cultural ethnographers, and three trends, namely, ‘Exceptional becomes the rule’, ‘In with the ‘in’ crowd’, and ‘Optimise not compromise’, were defined.

Zoe Lasaruz is the Global Future and Culture Planning Director at Diageo and said about Diageo’s latest study: “At Diageo, we are passionate about creating drinks of the future and helping people celebrate. We have been innovating for hundreds of years and have a strong history as industry pioneers in identifying and responding to trends.”

“Innovation drives our company forward and for us it means staying ahead of trends, continually creating new products, categories and experiences for people to enjoy around the world.”

“Our success relies not only on understanding our consumers today, but also on tracking and responding to emerging socialising trends and behaviours that will become the mainstream of tomorrow.”

The first trend is ‘Exceptional becomes the rule’. The report revealed that people are becoming increasingly more spontaneous and like experimenting with their free time when it comes to socialising.

It was found that digital technology and virtual reality influences the way people establish themselves individually and that they prefer planning an evening out on the spur of the moment.

The second trend ‘In with the ‘in’ crowd’ is a trend that will see more people staying in and enjoying their free time with friends and family at home. With the latest devices and technologies staying at home will not be a boring experience this year.

The third trend is ‘Optimise not compromise’ and found that “consumers want greater control and choice over what goes into their bodies, without compromising on excitement and experience”.

This has been made easier by Diageo’s new inventive series of products that include a dairy and gluten-free version of Baileys Almande. Then there is Guinness Zero, a non-alcoholic stout and a low-carb-zero-sugar Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer for those who are not in changing their lifestyles, but their healthy attitudes instead.

So which trend will you be following in 2017? Will you say yes, stay at home or change your tune?


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