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The Old Chestnut

Under the spreading chestnut tree I pondered for a while
And touch the trunk in wonderment of its roots within the soil
For to bear a weight such as this the grip is deep below
And the water that it feeds on that makes it thrive and grow

And in its foliage small birds nest when springtime comes its way
And protects them till they fledge their nest and stealthy fly away
And in its base the mice and shrews find homes away from all
A place they will find comfort in that’s safe when predators call

And the old owl will hoot its hoot on the branches of this tree
As I spare my thoughts to be inspired for all it does for me
As its branches they stretch out to reach the sky above
Like arms embracing all around in an act of nature’s love

By Tony Gorman

I love to see some of our old trees with all the features that do so much for nature’s environment.
Over the years they have been an umbrella and a food source to all sorts of wildlife and have decorated our streets and our parks with their beauty.

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  1. Jo says:

    Conker’s. Oh boy did we all have sore knuckles too. My brothers and every child on our road played Conker’s for hours. Nice one tony.the Phoenix park our playground. I think we were the VIPs of the park. Over to you again Tony. I’m sure pres Higgins won’t mins if you give him a mention too. Ireland has always been the land of little people it’s only fitting that children will always be my favorite little people. We will all look forward to your next poem. Greetings from Las vegas. Fam fun birthdays n July celebrations today. Cheerio Jo.

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