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Quad Adventures

What to do when you have been stuck inside for too long? Feel the need to get outdoors and challenge yourself? Tired of seeing a grey, windswept and rainy city? At least with grey, windswept and rainy country days the wind and weather recharges my energy rather than dragging me down.  If the answer for you is yes maybe it is time to get a gang together and head to the country. Clonroche, Co. Wexford (just pass Enniscorthy) for example. Home of Quad Attack, it is a great place to start tearing around the countryside on a quad bike. Long a favorite of bachelor parties, a session on quad bike is an exhilarating morning or afternoon adventure.

Found deep in the Wexford countryside, Quad Attack/Adventures has been going for 20 years. John and Eileen Cullen started by providing bikes and quad track adventures on the family farm. John says the business was an instant success and found them spending more and more time on quads.Their maintenance skills soon brought in neighbors and shortly after they started they became dealers for Yamaha Quad Bikes. Farming was overtaken by the expansion of the quad business which now include sales, maintenance of machines and the equipment, and the gear associated with the sport.

I was looking for an adventure that my disabled daughter could experience and sessions under the guidance of John have proven a really big hit. She came back from the last one with a big smile and an “I did it!” This is a sport that can be for the young, the old, the lazy or the fit. But you will need to have some strength in your arms to wrestle those machines around the Wexford countryside.

Signposts along the N30 and the minor roads will guide you back to what was the family farm. What you find now is a showroom for all things quad. After viewing the safety video it is time to get on all the protective gear.  The accompanying photo can give you an idea of what to expect. The rides around the course last around 45 minutes but the exhilaration can last the day.

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