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Characteristics of Successful People

Characteristics of successful people – Our new journalist Mahrosh discusses the characteristics of those climb to the top

Everyone sets different parameter of success. It is always related to achievement. Achieving desired good job, Money, social status etc… We all are running after success and want success for our satisfaction. We always set our goals. Once we achieve those goals we feel ourselves successful. For getting success we look around successful people. for example if someone wants to be a rich he always looks around richest person and try to see his those qualities which were helpful  for him to become a rich man . and same like for others achievements or success.

Many people believe that one can be successful if one is committed, honest, faithful or intelligence. But, the foundation of each of these qualities lies in believing the power the person has, and working accordingly to achieve the goal. There are many people, who are honest, beautiful, good and soft spoken, intelligent and even faithful, but only are successful in achieving their goals.

While all of these characteristics are equally important and act as the medium for success, the most important is the power to cope with circumstances and keep our spirit goes on in the most difficult situations.

It is well said that we cannot direct that wind but we can adjust the sail. Similarly, on the way to our destination, we will come across a lot of obstacles, but we need to find the way to come across that situation. This is where success lies. No matter how low we fall, what matters is how high we bounce back.

Success can be measured by what we have and how much power we are using to achieve our goals. For  example, while in playing games , it is sure that one team will win and another will lose , but the spirit is not just in wining but also in learning new technique and improving team spirit and cooperation skills. A winner team cannot always be successful, but the successful team is the one that has improved a lot with respect to its earlier performance.

Though the person is honest, intelligent, faithful and committed, it is not sure that he will be successful. The most important character rather than these is efficiency. This is to understand the environment   and the need, and to implement best of the best ideas and actions. No matter how smaller step it can be, but it can bring great changes.

Success is not just winning, but also is how much we are satisfied with whatever we are doing. So, all qualities like honestly, intelligence, and faithfulness are directly proportional to success.

The definition of success for reach of us may vary. Some many think the reasons for success is honesty while others may think it is the commitment. But, in my opinion, where there is will there is power, so each of us should know our strength, and work accordingly to be successful. And we should measure our success not with others but with what we have and what we have achieved.

I want to finish this article on this quotation,

“Winners do not different things but they do things differently”, which better explains the meaning of being successful.








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