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A Dublin Man’s Nectar (Guinness)



I have wobbled away
To the tune of black stout
And I’ve stopped here and there
To release its yeast out

I have staggered the bars
Talking a load of codswallop
As I ordered quite clearly
Another pint of that gollop

It came black as night
With a head oh so creamy
And it left me all floppy
And feeling quite dreamy

And when I got home
I slept like a log
But some of my friends
Said I snored like a hog

But the truth of it all
To get an absolute rest
There’s nothing can do it
Like a pint of the best

Our bars in Dublin are known worldwide for their care in pulling a pint of our pure black nectar (Guinness).
It’s one of Ireland’s exports that will always be savoured by people throughout the world and we should be proud of the fact that it all started in Dublin.
St. James’s Gate was the birthplace of the black nectar (1725-1803) and Arthur Guinness the genius who gave us his magic portion.
Even though there are about 60 countries brewing Guinness throughout the world they will never taste the same as our Irish brew.
And even though I’m not supposed to drink too much of the black stuff because of its iron content I will still raise my glass to toast the man who gave us this wonderful drink.!!!!!!!!!!
Here’s to our Arthur may he be having a pint of the black stuff with God as I speak

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