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1st Day of Spring


When daffodils come out on show
Along margins everywhere
And make us feel so joyful
That spring is in the air
And crocuses surround the trees
Like rainbows on the ground
They bring a joy within our hearts
That spring is now around
And on the farms the little lambs
Are playing gleefully
Jumping up in kid like style
A pleasure for to see
And buds come out upon the trees
And new sprigs that soon will sprout
The signs are truly beautiful
Knowing spring is now about
And soon the birds be nesting
And the buzzing bees will show
Upon the flowers that blossom
That only spring will grow
And a fresh feeling will be felt
When we close that winter’s door
With new feelings of tranquillity
As spring shows us more and more
So take the joy’s it brings to you
And caress them in your heart
For spring is there for all of us
So enjoy it from the start

 by Tony Gorman

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    I’m sure a lot of people can relate to leaving the home they were brought up in with all the memories it held over the years. I lived in 517 Carnlough Road, Cabra West and I remember years after my parents had passed on and the house was sold I took a trip to Cabra and walked by the house and in my mind I could hear the voices of my family behind that hall door that had lasted all my years when growing up there. I wrote this poem remembering the house and the wonderful times I had when I was young living there.

    A New Door to Open by/Tony Gorman

    The smell of turf upon the fire
    The curtains pulled to stop the draught
    The glowing embers heating us
    The stories told that made us laugh

    The dresser with the plates on show
    On top the floral jugs displays
    A place for storing our knick- knacks
    And contents of some early days

    The parlour where the furniture shines
    Unused in truth it was just for show
    The decorative mirror hung on the wall
    The lampshade that cut down the glow

    And upstairs where statues stare
    And watch you as you go to bed
    As on your knees you prayed to them
    Did they listen to each prayer you said?

    And our hall door was our outside pride
    Painted bright for all to see
    The years it opened and it closed
    The coming and going of our history

    The years have passed the house still stands
    New owners there have changed it all
    The dressers gone and the ornaments too
    No pile of turf against the wall

    The windows changed to draught free ones
    No parlour furniture anymore
    The mirror thrown upon a skip
    The one thing left is the old hall door.

    That door had seen our family days
    Those good times that our family had
    And the last time that we pulled it closed
    Was a time in life that made us sad

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you Tony. Hope you are keeping well

  3. Tony Gorman says:

    I’m very well thanks’ for asking.
    I wish all in FRG Admin well and hope my poems are bringing new viewers to FRG.
    There are a lot of people in the UK who look in at the site and enjoy scrolling through all the posts you put on. They say its the most interesting site they have been on and the women love the recipes. All in all it is a great site.
    Take care

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