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Ned’s Tooth Fell Out by Shauna O Neill

Ned's Tooth Fell Out by Shauna O'Neill

Ned was so happy because his tooth fell out.

He wanted to meet the tooth-fairy but he missed the tooth-fairy and the Tooth fairy went home.

He was sad. Ned waited until he lost a tooth again. He put it under his pillow and waited.

When the tooth fairy came back to get the tooth Ned saw her and he said hello.

A monster came a long but the tooth fairy saved them.

Ned and the tooth fairy went to a party in fairy land with Hanna and lived happily Ever after.

The End.

Ned’s Tooth by Shauna (Picture – JPG)
Ned’s Tooth by Shauna (Picture – PDF)
Ned’s Tooth by Shauna (Text – WORD DOCUMENT)
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This Fountain Youth Computer Story was created by Shauna O’Neill (Aged 7)

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