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Poets Corner: The Wake Up Call

Lone person with fishing rod, as the sun rises on the beach

Having been inspired by Alan Finn’s pieces relating to the issue of drugs, I decided to submit some of my own work which was done during my time in detox and residential rehab. It was the beginning of a journey that ended up changing my life. Over the coming weeks, the have kindly agreed to publish a series of my poems, one each week, in chronological order. Here is the first of those…

In the cold light of day when the fog of drugs are gone,
The light of a new life shines through the haze of wasted days,
Memories of the wrongs you’ve done, thoughts of loved ones hurt,
Slowly rips apart you’re heart and makes you feel like dirt.

You fight so hard to beat the pain, to take control of your life again,
But the mind is weak, the spirit broken from that life of gear and cocaine.
The love of those around you, the one’s that won’t give up,
Will kick you, push you, shove you, to stop you fucking up.

IMAGE: A beautiful sunrise, depicting a new beginning – image credit: Nick Harris/Flickr

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