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Wicklow 6th December 2015

Glendalough winter

Glendalough winter

Wicklow 6th December 2015 by/Tony Gorman

If you were a lady my love would be endless
For the scenes that you showed are engraved in my heart
Of mountains and rivers and silver sand sea shores
And the waves from tides that keeps us apart

But when I am with you I’m lost in your beauty
Of your ever green valley’s where stress has no place
That eases all pressures where St Kevin found solace
In a Glendalough retreat where he found peace and grace

And the trickling streams that flow down from your mountains
Sparkle and shine flowing over each shelf
Splashing below causing rainbows in sunshine
Reviving the spirit you feel in yourself

And to walk along the Murrough and view all its wildlife
Of wild flowers of all colours bringing butterflies and bees
And those Little Egrets stalking the banks of the Vartry
As they prey on the fish with the greatest of ease

Billy Byrne your local hero stands aloft there to greet all
In the market square of your vibrant town
And rebels like Billy who opposed the law there
Were locked in your gaol and to the gallows were shown

Down by the harbour there’s coming and going
Of boats of all sorts sailing out on the tide
Some focused on fishing and others on pleasure
And kids in their dinghy’s sailing out for a ride

So Wicklow your presence is deep in my mind
Since the visits I made to you back in the past
And hopefully I’ll see you sometime in the future
To astound me once more by the beauty you cast

Wicklow is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland and has always been for a lot of us Dublin people.
I remember as a kid going to Bray with my parents for a day out, this was the equivalent of a holiday to us back then.
As a lad I fished Greystones beaches and loved the scenic rail journey along the coast to get there.
I spent last Christmas in Wicklow with some very special people and had a wonderful time and hope in 2016 I can return there again to relax in its inspiring beauty.

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2 Responses

  1. Tony Gorman says:

    “Oh Yes” I remember it well 14th December 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Remember those days when we were young
    And Christmas came our way
    And the dreams of all our presents
    Were delivered on a sleigh

    And that jolly man who brought them
    With his calls of ho- ho- ho
    With his white beard and red outfit
    He stole the Christmas show

    How did he know my secret?
    Of a toy garage and some cars
    And the rocket ship I needed
    For my imaginary trip to mars

    He never even woke my dad
    Tiptoeing across the floor
    I was told he used the chimney
    But I was sure he used the door

    As our chimney was full of soot
    And his clothes was always clean
    And my mum left him some nice mince pies
    For she was kind and never mean

    And when we woke on Christmas morning
    All the toys were there in place
    My garage with some coloured cars
    And my rocket to fly in space

    Those innocent days have long gone now
    And the grandchildren fill our shoes
    They ask for phones and IPads
    And princess dresses of yellows and blues

    Now we sit back and watch it all
    And raise a glass of wine or beer
    Remembering all those days back then
    That brought us Christmas cheer
    “Happy Christmas”
    To everyone on the Fountain Resource Group site and to all my friends who visit the site to read my poems.

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony

    Nice festive poem to finish the year. Happy Christmas to you and yours and thanks for all your contributions throughout the year!

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