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Why isn’t Funny, Funny?!


Why isn’t Funny, Funny?!

Recently, I watched an episode of Father Ted and almost immediately, was reminded of how funny Irish people are. I mean you can sit down in any coffee shop or public house and just listen to the banter from some people and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s not that we set out purposely to be funny or make people laugh but there is something funny about the way we tell a story and I definitely think there is something about the delivery.


Maybe it’s just the way we see the world, which is weird when you think about it because, if you look at our past it is filled with nothing but trouble and strife, maybe we needed to create a fictitious world filled with laughter in order to survive in the reality that was our history.


So, if we are this funny race of islanders on the edge of Europe why aren’t we making more programmes like Father Ted, or even some funny motion pictures? I mean, it’s not like we don’t need the cash!!


Maybe Irish humor does not transfer well to the big (or small) screen or maybe it’s just too risky.

I think at the best of time comedy is risky, and the really good comedians are considered by most to be crazy, so in order to make a funny motion picture you must invest your funds in a risky venture run by a mad person with an end result of laughter. It sounds crazy doesn’t it?


But in reality that’s not far off what you need to do and that’s way too much to expect from our civil servants toiling away in Donnybrook, but maybe, just maybe some independent film maker who not only understands Irish humor for what it is but  will be able to create the next great laugh a minute sitcom or movie.


So whoever you are out there, hurry up, because I could do with a good laugh.

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