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Who’s That Knocking on my Door?

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For the last few weeks, I had many TDs knocking on my door.  I had them all except the three main parties I would have liked. I was ready with my list of questions but to my disappointment they never came.

Just because they did not knock on my door, I was still flooded with leaflets asking for my number 1 vote. You can’t go very far now without being bombarded by election posters. There is talk in the media that our country is recovering from the bust and to remove any current government may hinder these so called positive changes. I for one don’t feel any change has been done. Maybe the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, when it comes to ruining their homes, ordinary folk seem to suffer the most.

Some people have jobs and cannot feel any positive financial changes. It is no secret that the cost of living in Ireland today is increasing, who does this recovery effect?

The Government had a tough job in 2011 but at the same time was not changes it could have made that would have made it somewhat easier on those with little or less. We have 120.000 plus people waiting to be housed on the council housing list, alone. We have people on trolley’s lying in corridors, in our hospitals. We have buy propecia without prescription young children living in homeless shelters, the list just goes on and on. How could Ireland be in a recovery position?  No one said it would be easy but they are now telling us recovering, that has not been felt on the ground.

In fact there were 511 people waiting on a bed, nationwide. In Mullingar Emergency Department, they had 32 patients, waiting to be admitted to the hospital. There were no beds for them. In Dublin, 48 people were waiting for a bed at St Vincent’s hospital, there seems to be an increase of people waiting to be admitted to their local hospital. There was to be an extra 300 new beds to be opened nationwide, out of that figure 80 new beds still have to be delivered. Even if the other 220 beds were made available, we still have people lying about on trolleys so how could this work?

At the moment in Dublin alone, we have 770 adults with 1,185 children, living in emergency temporary accommodation & this figure is set to rise.

Folks have I missed something here? If the country is getting better how come two subjects stated above seem to be left behind?  I feel there was a reason the main parties did knock on my door or in my area.

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