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Want for Something


£18,000 is the amount Christina Estrada requires to make her ends meet on a daily basis. It was reported in the Times newspaper the other day that Christina has taken her ex-husband Dr. Walid Juffali (a sixty-one year reputed Saudi Billionaire) to court to pay for her basic needs which she estimates to cost around £6.5 million a year (or £18,000 a day).

She explained that her basic needs include travel expenses (£2.1m, she has a house in Beverly Hills, and charters a plane to get there & back); staff expenses at her London home (£335,000 for a resident Butler, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, two cleaners, a chef & an office manager); and £1m on clothes (£40,000 on a fur coat, £83,000 for 15 new cocktail dresses, £80,000 for a ball gown, £55,000 for shoes & £109,000 for seven haute couture dresses)

While explaining her clothing requirements she cried, and explained that she was a top international model and had lived this life for years and was accustomed to it.

If Christina needs a shoulder to cry on, she can rest her head on either one of this correspondent’s.

I’d be upset if the daily basic needs I’ve become accustomed to, as an unsuccessful writer over the past five years, were to be suddenly deprived of me. For instance if the .90cents I pay the local newsagents for my daily purchase of the Times newspaper was taken from me, I’d be gutted. I’d also be annoyed if I was divested of the €8 I spend on a breakfast of four bacon, two poached eggs & chips in my local cafe Red Aoife’s.

I know I’d shed a tear if I was stripped of the €2 I use to purchase a pot of tea from the Cherrytree (my local) or the occasional additional €2 spent on a second pot should John or Marcus arrive in late. This invariably leads to a sudden rush to the jacks to spend a penny, but its worth it (I’d imagine Christina would have a similar problem with Dom Perignon).

I’d be inconsolable if dispossessed of the €4 I use to purchase ¾ pound of diced lamb or (if they’ve no lamb) two big chicken fillets, for making a curry.

I’d also be bummed if denuded of the €10 I use to put petrol in the car during the week (have to get up an hour earlier for work if walking and a half-hour if cycling).

Now I know if I was in one of Christina £55,000 pair of shoes and the future Mrs C was to try and deprive me of the €25 I require to make ends meet on a daily basis, I need a shoulder to cry on.

At least I know of a soft fur-coated padded one.

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