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Top Gear’s Final Show Clarkson Tweets Goodbye

Top Gear

Top Gear’s Final Show Clarkson Tweets Goodbye

Former Top gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson apologized to fans and expressed his sadness how his time on the motor show came to an end the way it did. The 55 year old Clarkson was fired from the show after a “fracas” with series producer Oisin Tymon over the absence of food on set.  Clarkson took to Twitter while his final appearance on the BBC’s most profitable show was aired last night.  He wrote “many thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years, so sad and sorry its ended like this.”

Clarkson’s co presenter Richard Hammond responded “Oh, is it on? Always liked that.”

Hammond later added “can’t believe that one life has room to accommodate the first and the last steps of that incredible adventure.”  Clarkson had earlier criticized his final show in a column he penned for the Sun newspaper, he said “BBC 2 is screening an edition of Top Gear cobbled together from two films that were made before I was fired, ‘one of them is quite good’”.

The final show was a 75 min special that featured footage filmed from before Clarkson was sacked and after watching it myself I have to agree, it was highly entertaining but it’s sad all the same, it is the end of an era.

But never mind the BBC have not skipped a beat with Jeremy’s replacement Chris (ginger) Evans presenting the show when it returns next season and it’s rumored he will have a number of female co hosts (Like that’s going to work), starting with Jodie Kidd….  I know it’s almost sacrilege, have these people never heard the phrase “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!.” It was the formula between the three silly guys that made us laugh and that’s what the BBC simply doesn’t understand.

I think there may be a level of intellectual snobbery at play here on the historic broadcaster’s part, a bit like saying “it’s a motor mag, just get some hot women in and they’ll forget the old team like that!”.  If this is the view the BBC has adopted in its fine boardrooms, they are down playing the lightening in a bottle formula they struck with Clarkson, Hammond and May.  From my perspective, these are three men, middle aged, not especially brilliant and so, relatable, driving extraordinary cars often in extraordinary countries (though sometimes in Wales too), it was an adventure for us all. I don’t want to be a chauvinist but it was a male programme and I don’t believe there should be a problem with that!

Let’s face it, cars for the main are a bit of male obsession.

Will the new format work?  I sincerely doubt it. So like many other people, I will not be tuning into the Bad parody that is Top gear 2.

But Don’t panic because Clarkson, Hammond and May are in talks with at least two networks to bring our most beloved car show back to TV near you.

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