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The Week in News with Jimmy Traynor

The Week in News with Jimmy Traynor

We are delighted to announce that James T. Traynor is joining our editiorial team. Eagle-eyed readers will surely recall Jimmy as a previous, hard-copy contributor who’s ground-breaking reporting, quite literally, revolutionised the zeitgesit of our local community during his quondam.  Indeed, his memorable scoops, such as “in out, in out, shake it all about – so say senior citizens” and “number of brown dogs on rise” proved community talking points for around 6 minutes.

Jimmy is a graduate of the London School of Economics, Harvard’s Astronomy Programme and a former scientific advisor to SETI and NASA.  His reputation as a Renaissance man is evident from former employment, which includes  6 years as coordinator of the elephant department, with Mary Chipperfield’s Circus, 5 years as head of potatoes in Hollywood and 7 years as a Major with the FSB.

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope Jimmy’s observations on current events, political insight and the questions many dare not to ask, will prove a valuable addition to your daily throughts and reflection.


Hello All,

Jimmy Traynor here reporting on the important issues of the day, Usexit, Theresa Trump and Liam Clancy.

Without further a do, lets take a look in the week in world news and some deep reflections…


Why is it when people hear voices in their head they’re always telling them to commit crimes?

Why don’t those voices ever tell them to engage in charitable work or give more to the poor?

Once again, it’s one law for people with borderline personality disorder, another for the rest of us.


Am I the only person who believes church attendance might rise if they opened a bar during services?

Surely the congregation would be less inclined to leave, during the priest’s reflection on life, if they could nip down for a quick one to help them cope with burning in hell.


Three cheers for generous supermarkets! Recently, I was told my grocery bill was €46. The cashier at the till asked if I wanted cashback, so I requested €20, which they happily gave me. That means my shopping only cost €26!



Recently, I watched a very close run horse race. As the horses crossed the line, the commentator said there would be a “photo” for second place.

What a thoughtful gift, and a nice way to make up for the disappointment of not winning the race.


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