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The Theory Test (How I Did It)

Driving Theory Test

For any person wishing to drive a car for the first time or any person driving on their 2nd or 3rd provisional license in the Irish republic must take a theory test before they can apply to get a driving permit (provisional license). A person must be 17 or over to apply for a provisional license.

The material needed for the theory test is on a CD Rom priced €23.99 and a book costing €17.99. I had it all mapped out in my head I will study in November, sit the test in December and be on the road by January, well sometimes plans fail! In January of this year after all the stress that comes with Christmas, I began to prepare for my test. The CD Rom allows you to take mock tests, which is a great way to prepare. After a few tries my best score was just 25 out of 40, 10 less than the required score. However, undeterred I kept trying, keeping a journal of my scores.

By keeping my own journal I was able to check out my progress. After a while of consecutively getting decent scores I began to build up my confidence. By the end of February I was ready so I booked my test over the phone at the theory centre in Ringsend Dublin 4. Because I didn’t know Ringsend to well I done a false run, so I could locate the centre handy enough. The 77a from Tallaght will bring you to the stop before Ringsend bus depot you cross at the lights and make your way up towards the Spar Shop, which is on Barrow Road. You will then come to Google’s headquarters, and it’s the Green building facing the Google’s head office, it’s no more than a 5 min walk from the bus stop.

On the day of the test I arrived with about 15 to 20 minutes to spare. The centre do ask you to arrive at least 15 mins before your test starts. I was called in last I was met by a pleasant man who informed me of the house rules, which are as follows:
1. Once you start you can’t leave the computer unless you are finished, if you do and you’re not finished, the computer will be shut down, you can’t even go to the toilet so don’t drink loads of liquids.
2. All computers have head phones which you must wear, I was then taken to my little phone booth if you like, there must have been at least 40 different booths, my computer didn’t have a touch screen so I had to use the mouse.

I was quick, maybe too quick at completing my exam as my results were not ready when I came out of the hall. I had to sit in the reception area, nervous as hell. Those 10 mins were like an hour or two as I was sitting there I noticed that people who got their passes had to sign the back of one of the two photographs you have to bring, you need to bring two passport photos.

When I was called I went to the counter the lady behind the desk asked me to sign one of the photos, I knew I had passed it I asked for the results she didn’t know, so about 5 minutes later in came my lamented driving permit temporary license and with that my results. I could not believe it, I got the full house, 40 out of 40! Suddenly all the nerves and the inner stress just melted away, I did it, I got it, and that was the 3rd time I got the top score of 40. I was delighted. I am now driving, and I feel they should encourage learner drivers to follow the theory test straight away with lessons especially if you cannot drive, as the road is totally different to the screen. I was ok as I used to drive, so I was ok but if you have no previous experience, do lessons straight away, if you pass you will start on a full license. Good Luck!!!!!

The Costs for the CD and Book €41.98
€15.00 for an eyesight report which you will need to get one.
€45.40 to do the theory test (Once)
€15.00 for the License
€6.00 for Photographs
Total Cost €122.38

If you fail the theory test you will have to keep paying that fee of €45.40, so be sure to take it seriously the first time. Also don’t get your eyesight done till nearing your exam dates as there is a time limit. Any test that was done over 12 weeks/3 months will not be accepted, I used the opticians in Thomas Street they only charge €15.00, wheras other places can charge up to €25.00. The optician is beside the bus stops beside St Catherine’s church.

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