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The Protest

2009 Dublin financial crisis march

I along with maybe 1,500 to 2,000 people met up outside the Anglo Irish bank just off St Stephens green on Wednesday 28th of September to help raise awareness and possibly a voice, to the way the Irish Government are using the likes of you and me to pay off bills that we shouldn’t have to. We are struggling at this very moment and to be told that there are more cuts on the way, just how are we suppose to survive? We are in a recession at this moment, we all know people who may have lost their job, we know the lucky ones who still have a job are been financially cut, the people on the dole where cut January of this year, we are on our knees and the government still want to cut us again.

On the day of the march the Government T.D’s and ministers came back off their summer holiday, 12 weeks they had off, or 3 months, do you get that off? I don’t. Lets get rid of some of the TD’s, and some of the ministers by doing this we will save a fortune on their wages alone, we the Irish seem to have a minister for this, a minister for that, I’m surprised there hasn’t been an minister appointed to oversee the recession.

Readers if we don’t go out and voice ourselves we will be backed into a corner and we may never get back out again.

I was very disappointed by the small crowd that turned out, but at the same time I felt privileged to be there and I know people couldn’t just take a day of work. They couldn’t afford to miss a day after all. We are not in on the golden handshake, but if we need to go out again, do your best to join us remember it takes ordinary Joe soaps like you and me to get our country noticed in non violent protest that the government could not ignore.

Recently I was talking to some people I know and was horrified to learn that the government along with the Drugs Task Force is planning to cut down family support worker jobs in the Dublin 8 area from 5 to 3 places, these people work in our communities.

If this goes ahead it will happen again to other areas, could you think of the damaging affect this would have on our community, I mean these people seem to work all hours that they can they often work over their contract hours go out of their way to help any person who asks and they the government want to get rid of them. Of course Mr Cowen doesn’t live in the Dublin 8 area, but I do and we need all 5 family support workers working in the liberties’ area.

If James Connolly was still alive, I wonder what he would be thinking of our great country.

IMAGE: 2009 Dublin financial crisis march – image credit: William Murphy/Flickr

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