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The Nepal Earthquake 27th April 2015


The Nepal Earthquake 27th April 2015 by/Tony Gorman

Frightening as the earth rocked beneath their very feet
As terror shook the buildings where so many people meet
Tumbling crumbling bricks and mortar in a most horrific way
Uprooting foundations by its force beneath its rock and clay

It was nature’s worse disaster in Nepal for many years
Kathmandu reduced to rubble and its people shedding tears
With the death toll reaching thousands and the injured in a daze
And the clouds of dust ascending reducing visibility to a haze

And the snowy peaks of Everest, rocked upon its very base
Brought avalanches down the mountain’s by the tremor’s rocking pace
And the climbers in their base camp took the force upon that day
As seventeen they perished as the mountain took its prey

We are in awe by the vengeful force’s that nature shows mankind
To remind us of a greater power and magnitude of a kind
For this earth has given us sanctity allowing us all its use
And in return we war and fight, causing its very core abuse

And now and then it show’s its force to make us all aware
That we are just its residents and the earth is here to share
And those innocents of Nepal are the martyrs of today
For the way we abuse nature by mankind’s hateful warring way

For the bombs and oil and plutonium are profits of the earth
Which mankind has extracted for their greed since the time of birth
And the weakened inner core shakes earth’s axis off its track
And the damage created in our time is like an everlasting crack

As the buffers that stabilised the earth are being removed
With nothing to replace them leaving just an inner groove
And the voids in time collapse causing earthquakes by their fall
And its innocent countries that take the brunt like this one that hit Nepal

We feel part of their bereavement to their injured and their dead
As this could be us in a future time after all is done and said
For we stand upon the threshold of a world reduced to tears
And the greater powers of nature are our monumental fears

For mankind in time will destroy himself by his shameful want and greed
And tsunamis and earthquakes will be the answer to offset Mother Nature’s need
And hopefully one day soon our leaders will open up their eyes
And stop upsetting nature to avert our earth’s demise

We must all try to help these poor people of Nepal in any way we can whether it be donating to the disaster appeal fund or in our prayers.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    A Centenary Poem, for all the Australians and Irish who died in the battle for Gallipoli.

    “Gallipoli” (No more we’ll go Waltzing Matilda) 29th April by/Tony Gorman

    There’s silence where once there was monstrous’ booms
    Busting eardrums with thunderous bang’s
    And metal bit’s splaying the earth all around
    Sinking into some bodies like fang’s

    And in all the trenches it smelled of decay
    Of corpuses left just where they fell
    The blood soaked earth that surrounded those there
    Was a sorrowful scene out of hell

    As bullets zapped into human flesh
    And limbs were severed without fight
    The pall of smoke from battle around
    And eyes never knowing the true day from night

    As blinding flashes lit up all the sky
    And shrapnel of all sorts’ fill the air
    No cover from the endless mass of confusion
    Leaving the bravest of all in despair

    And battle ships with guns ablaze
    On waters of the Dardanelles strait
    Aiming to kill Turkish artillery set firm on the hills
    That they held with their gusto and hate

    And no quarter was given to our troops on the shore
    As they landed to make the Turks pay
    But a barrage of bombs and bullets rained down
    Killing most of our troops day by day

    For eight long months the war for Gallipoli went on
    And the numbers of bodies piled high
    And the injured were ferried back home on the ships
    And those left behind knew some there would die

    With the mission abandoned our troops left the shores
    No victories gained for the death toll we had
    Showing war is a curse to both sides when they fight
    Leaving stories heart breaking and sad

    For all that was taken from eight months of war
    Were the lives and limbs of the brave?
    And those that came back to Circular Quay
    The medics back home tried to save

    But time has long past and one hundred years on
    We remember their battles and fears
    For they fought and they died for a war never won
    Leavening loved ones behind shedding tears!!!!!!!! “And the band it played Waltzing Matilda”


  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Tony


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