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The Liberties; Then And Now

Gray Street, The Liberties, Dublin

We are based in Dublin on James Street, and we came up with the idea to do a project titled “The Liberties, Then and Now”. We wanted to an insight what it was like for the people living in this area going back to the 50’s, 60’s, and so on. We interviewed local people who were working and living in this area at that time, we also included photos. It’s a trip down memory lane for some, and its local history for others, but it’s something for everybody. It’s a collection of words and photos.

Living in the Liberties for me is great, it’s near everything, we have great public transport, Dublin bus and the Luas, we have great street’s for shopping, Thomas and Meath Street. We are near Crumlin shopping centre, and minutes away from the city. We have access to the Combe and St James hospital, we have lovely park areas, Cathedrals, historic areas, and places in fact we are spoiled for choice.

There is so much here in the Liberties that each one of us should promote Dublin 8 and Dublin itself. We have so much to offer we can afford to share Dublin 8 with the rest of the city, Ireland and the world. Be proud to say that you were born in the Liberties, that you are a liberties baby. A lot of people who were born here left the area, and some have returned, you can take a person out of the liberties, but you will never take the liberties out of the person.

Be Proud you are a liberties baby.

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