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The Budget

The Irish Budget - calculation

Now the dreaded budget has passed us by, I feel that it was like a field full of land mines, every step you take their seems to be a explosion, in other words, we were hit more than once but we were lucky in a sense it could have been a lot worse than it was. After all, the government could of hit the social welfare more say €20.00 per €100.00 and there would be nothing we could have done about it. Of course we could have marched, but in reality we would have been ignored.

The government’s argument is that in other countries welfare is not as generous to begin with, but that does not factor in the cost of living. Sure the price of day to day expenses is coming down but only in certain supermarkets, in certain shops.

Then there is the minimum wage cut by €1.00 per hour. That’s not on, they should have left that alone, I can’t see many people been encouraged to take up jobs for under €6.75 per hour. People on this side of things are now being hit with more indirect taxes, so would it be worth their while on the financial side? Of course it would be great to get a job I just couldn’t see it take off. If a person say has a partner and a child how could this work for them with rent, food, bills, E.T.C, that person would have to do at least 12hours per shift 6 days a week and they would probably only bring home enough cash just to cover the basics, a holiday or a car would be out of the question.

Also, last October the H.S.E brought in a cost to any one who has a medical card to pay 50 cent per item why they did this was anyone’s guess, will it go to the Golden Handshake or back into the health system, I haven’t a clue if you do please get back in touch with us or if you would like to comment on any of the issues we have in this months edition, we would love to hear from you, if you live in the Dublin 8 area this is your monthly say, or any other part of the city or country get in touch give us your feedback its very important. Thank You.

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