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Talk Around

A fellow local (who wishes to remain anonymous) told me a remarkable, true story the other day.

The story goes back a good few years, when he was going out with a girl from his area. He had wanted to have kids at that time but she did not. After many arguments on the subject, they eventually broke up.

Around this time (or after it) he got a call from the Gardai requesting his presence at the house belonging to his friend. They had called him because his friend was holding his wife at gun-point, and said the only person he would talk to was him. When he got there, and into the house, he discovered his friend had been holding his wife at gun-point because she had told him she was pregnant. He told me that the reason for the husband’s rage, was he had had a vasectomy some years beforehand.

My friend further told me he managed to talk his friend into giving him the gun, and then helped to get him sectioned (as opposed to arrested) to avoid a custodial sentence. My friend told me subsequently he left the wife and started a relationship with the girl he had broke up with over having kids. My friend began to laugh as he told me the next bit, “they moved to England, and do you know what happened?”. “What?” I enquired. “She became pregnant”.

There is a moral in there somewhere, but your correspondent is damned if he can find it.

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