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Safe Hands

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Safe Hands

This writing lark can be a tough job, especially when you have nothing to write about. Last week your correspondent found himself in such a story-less state and told his colleague Jackie Spain of his predicament. She informed this correspondent of a story she’d heard of ten wheel-barrows being bought by a county council in Kenya for just under €1,000 (€100 per wheelbarrow).

On google searching for a report of the story (they were bought by the Bungoma County Agriculture Ministry) your correspondent came across another African story link that caught the eye.

Your correspondent clicked on the link titled ’27 year old Ugandan man to wed a 70 year old Ugandan woman’, and read about Steven Tikubuwana & Zaituni Nakanda. According to the report, they have been living together in a single-room house in the town of Mukono for the past year, and first met, when Zaituni took Steven into her home after he’d lost his job as a Shamba boy (Field-worker) and had been living homeless for two months.

We are informed that what Zaituni likes about Steven is, he is never ashamed to introduce her as his girlfriend, and what Steven likes about Zaituni is, that unlike his previous wife, she is caring & faithful; qualities her ex-husband obviously didn’t value (she left him in 1993).

After finishing off reading the story, this Correspondent got to thinking of previous women he’d been involved with (not in the same league as Steven for bridging age-gaps, with roughly a 10 year difference being this correspondent’s maximum so far), and the qualities he’d experienced which he admired & qualities he’d experienced which he hadn’t.

Your correspondent was lucky enough to experience, early in life, while at a summer college, the pleasure of a pretty face with an attribute of caring honesty. The girl in question displayed this attribute on two occasions, once by giving out to this correspondent for being gloomy one evening and telling him to snap out of it; and the second time by giving your correspondent a hug, a smile & the compliment that she enjoyed his company at the summer college (excluding his gloomy evening).

Unfortunately this correspondent has also known the pain of a pretty face with the additional attribute of alcoholic aggression. This quality was displayed to your correspondent by two girls; (by the first girl) after purchasing her a bottle of vodka, only to find her drink it straight from the bottle, and later that night being woke up by her talking loudly on the phone about somebody she disliked, and softly stabbing the surface where the phone was with a knife; (and by the second girl) after a night of drinking with her and expressing a desire for an early night, your correspondent was on the receiving end of a few insults, punches & slaps.

Now your correspondent is not narrow-minded enough to assume all his readers share the view of an aggressive partner being a pain, and is aware that some of his readership may find knife-wielding & fist-throwing a pleasurable attribute in a partner.

This correspondent’s advice to those readers (for what it’s worth) is not to succumb to the easy temptation of purchasing alcohol for a display of the desired aggression. Far safer to purchase the services of a professional instead for a display, if you’re in it for the long-run. 

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