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Point the Finger – A Nurse’s Tale (Daniela Poggiali)


Point the Finger – A Nurse’s Tale (Daniela Poggiali)

If work colleagues have ever accused you of being tired on the job (a regular Monday occurrence for this correspondent) or unprofessional (has happened to your correspondent on a few occasions) or worse still poorly-trained, try not to think too badly of them, they could accuse you of worse.


Daniela Poggiali an Italian nurse your correspondent recently read about, found this out when work colleagues accused her of killing thirty-eight patients at a hospital in Lugo, Ravenna, Italy. They claimed she killed these patients because they (or relatives of theirs) had irritated her. An example of what got under her skin was patients or patient’s relatives being pushy according to her colleagues. They explained that her response to this patient (or relative of patient) behaviour was to inject potassium chloride under their skin (Small doses of Potassium chloride can be lethal and disappear from the body after a few days, so becoming hard to trace).


Her work colleagues also gave best site to buy modafinil online photographic evidence of her smiling with her patients to investigators (Daniela is presently incarcerated and awaiting trial). They explained that the patients were not smiling in the pictures as the Potassium chloride had kicked in and taken full effect.


Her work colleagues also accused Daniela of creating extra unnecessary work for them due again to irritation (source of irritation not stated, so presuming pushiness to be the offending action). They explained that when one of them ruffled her feathers, she would wait till they were roster to work on the shift after hers. Towards the end of her shift, she would dose patients with laxatives and leave the consequences to those colleagues who had previously peeved her, by way of smoothing out her ruffled feathers.


However it was not all negative from her work colleagues. They claim that when she wasn’t poisoning patients she would go about her job in a professional & well trained manner; and unlike this correspondent, would never tire while on duty.

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