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Poets Corner: Mind, Body and Soul

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Having been inspired by Alan Finn’s pieces relating to the issue of drugs, I decided to submit some of my own work which was done during my time in detox and residential rehab. It was the beginning of a journey that ended up changing my life. Over the coming weeks, the have kindly agreed to publish a series of my poems, one each week, in chronological order. Here is the fourth of those…

The thoughts in my head seem out of control,
So full of confusion, I’m losing my hold.
Reality hurts and causes such pain,
To regain control, I try but in vain.

To open my mind and deal with my feelings,
That’s a thought I can’t handle, it just leaves me reeling.
To open my mind and let it all out,
I wish could scream or maybe just shout.

To deal, I’ve built fences that are so hard to cross,
That leave me feel stunted, shame-filled and lost.
I have to reach, grab hold and break through,
It’s going to be hard but what I have to do.

The future’s not planned and open to change,
I’ll have to stop hiding, stop playing my game.
To be healthy and clean is my only plan,
To learn to grow up and be a real man.

IMAGE: Stressed & Depressed Man – image credit: Sander van der Wel/Flickr

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