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Poets Corner: Everyone’s Fault But Mine

Angry Bread - slice of bread with angry face drawn on it with mayonnaise

Having been inspired by Alan Finn’s pieces relating to the issue of drugs, I decided to submit some of my own work which was done during my time in detox and residential rehab. It was the beginning of a journey that ended up changing my life. Over the coming weeks, the have kindly agreed to publish a series of my poems, one each week, in chronological order. Here is the third of those…

What’s life worth when it’s not worth living?
People keep taking and like a fool you keep giving.
You give till you’re empty, have nothing inside,
Except a deep dark hole, that you use to hide.

You’re will was so strong but never inflicted,
The choice was their own, the fun wrapped and gifted.
Never hurt was the plan but the best plans go wrong,
Can’t count on a fool, depression and guns.

The loss of a life was never intended,
But the mind will play tricks till reality is bended.
Adopting the blame leads to years of self-hatred,
A misguided attempt to cure what was probably fated.

IMAGE: Angry Bread – image credit: Psycholabs/Flickr

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