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Juice Plus – Fruit in a Pill

Juice Plus

Juice Plus – Fruit in a Pill

Juice Plus is a multivitamin that contains phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. This product provides 26 types of fruit and vegetables in capsule form.  The World Health Organisation in Europe suggests that we eat a serving of 5 fruit and vegetables a day.  This can be difficult to achieve with our busy lifestyles nowadays, so these healthy vitamins are a great way to get the nutrients we need.  Scientific studies from the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that Juice Plus supports a healthy immune system, healthy skin and healthy gums.  It also has a positive effect on the mood and has being known to reduce PMT.

Improves Skin

The University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany conducted a study in relation to skin microcirculation in healthy middle age women. 26 healthy middle aged women volunteered for the double blind placebo and controlled design study.  They were asked to take Juice Plus capsules for 12 weeks to see if they noticed a difference in their skin.  After 12 weeks the results indicated that 39% of the women noticed that the microcirculation (circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels of the skin) had improved.  9% of women noticed that skin hydration had increased, 6% said that their skin thickness had improved and 16% noticed an improvement in their skin density.

The placebo group had a slight increase in skin density.  Nutritionist’s claim if you are healthy internally, then you will look healthy externally. If your skin is not getting adequate vitamins, then skin problems may occur, such as dryness.

Encourages Healthy Gums and Mouths

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology published an article in relation to their patients noticing a significant improvement in their dental health after taking Juice Plus products for a few months. Dr. Frank K. Eggleston, D.D.S. is an American dentist who specialises in restorative and operative dentistry.  He was named Dentist of the year by the Texas Academy of General Dentistry in 1995. He believes that a healthy mouth indicates a healthy body. “When we see cavities in the mouth, around 10 or 12 cavities, we know that equally bad things are occurring in the general buying valtrex online safe health.” He says that a good diet is as important as brushing and flossing.

He advises his patients to take Juice Plus for optimum nutrition and overall mouth health. He said his patients who have taken Juice Plus have had healthier gums and their periodontal pocket depths have decreased.

Healthier Hearts

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology said that Juice Plus vitamins could limit the adverse effects of eating high calorie foods in relation to cardiovascular health.  People who consumed Juice Plus maintained normal homocysteine levels and healthy elasticity of the arteries. This does not mean however, that it is advisable to continue to eat high calorific food.

Juice Plus and Weight Loss

It is important to detox for 10 days before you consume Juice Plus products, if you would like to lose weight.  A detox plan will be assigned to you once you have ordered and paid for your products. The detox will help you to eliminate the toxins from your body. When your body has an excess of toxins, it will move the toxins into the adipose tissue stores (fat).  This will cause your body to hold onto the fat. During the detox you will be required to cut out gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, corn, yeast, peanuts and processed food from your diet.


A typical Juice Plus diet would be as follows, (for the first 8 weeks)

2 Shakes and 1 meal


Juice Plus shake (made with almond or coconut milk) + fresh or frozen fruit


Raw carrots and low fat hummus


Salad or juice plus shake with almond milk and handful of berries


Fruit or rice cakes


Brown rice, steamed chicken and vegetables/ Quinoa and steamed vegetables

You could have the meal for your lunch instead of your dinner, if that is preferable for you.  It is important to do plenty of exercise in order to increase your metabolism, and improve muscle tone.  Remember muscle helps to burn more fat and calories.

I have been taking Juice Plus for the past 6 weeks and I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, skin, nails and mood overall.
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