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Is Clarkson Top Dog on Top Gear?

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Is Clarkson Top Dog on Top Gear?

I watched Faulty Towers and looked forward to John Cleese as Basil Faulty. It was the same with Peter Sellers when he played Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies. Look at all the people we have admired over the years. It was the people that made the programmes/movies not the other way around.

This week Jeremy Clarkson got suspended again from Top Gear. The outspoken television presenter took his views a step too far when he punched an Irish producer from the show over dinner.

However, is this not what makes him so popular in the first place? Not knowing what he’s going to say or do next; holding your breath while waiting for him to put his foot in his mouth (again).

Is this not what we love or even secretly live for? Car crash television, those moments in life when you know you shouldn’t look, but you do anyway, or maybe we just get some pleasure from watching someone do what we wish we could.

If you ask me we need people like Jeremy in this world; eccentrics, not the most conventional of characters, but fun to be around.

So what will the BBC do? Will they let Clarkson go for being a bold boy? I don’t think so, They can’t let him go as they have invested too much in him. He would be snapped up in a heart-beat by their competitors and then where would they be? No matter how much they would spend or who they would employ, they still wouldn’t have the number one car presenter.

So far over 700,000 fans have already signed a petition for Clarkson’s return and if entertainment is anything like business, then you have to give the people what they want.

While it is true, that he may not be a man who has had the toughest of upbringings (a rustic childhood in Doncaster); coupled with the fact that (let’s be honest) he doesn’t have the toughest of jobs either (main presenter of a top rated worldwide Television program). Mr Clarkson probably is not the easiest of people to deal with, neither is Axl Rose or Russell Crowe but the world loves these people for that very attitude.

Morally he was probably wrong, but is one single punch worth it?

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