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Ireland has talent! So what’s wrong with our TV?


I could often be accused of taking a pop at Irish made productions but it’s not the people who work on these productions where the problem lies. In fact, if you look at the credits on most Hollywood blockbusters I think you might be surprised to see how many Irish names will appear, without a shadow of a doubt Irish people are amongst the best film makers on the planet!


The real problem here lies with the people behind the scenes, the producers, directors and programme planners. It is my contention that these people lack imagination and courage and thusly, are unwilling to make the leap of faith in their audiences to take risks with edgy or ambitious programming.


I mean how many outside production companies have come here and made some outstanding Television and Movies, for example; have a look at Ripper Street or Penny Dreadful, these are made with a lot of Irish people and they look and sound spectacular. A lot of the actors in these programs are Irish and watching them on screen they are second to none, which might seem weird to some people because when we do see them in Irish dramas and soaps they come across amateur.


Directors and their superiors who control them working for our main broadcaster don’t seem to have ambition either ape-ing after tried and tested formula from other countries or doing basic domestic soaps. I mean we can’t blame actors, can we?, I don’t think actors walk on to set and say “I’m going to read these lines this way today and I think my character should stand like this”, I don’t think so! Actors are told what to say and how to say it they are the tools of directors.


I’m not saying we don’t have some good directors or vision keepers as I like to call them, I mean John Moore has made some interesting projects, Neil Jordan is quite talented and of course, Jim Sheridan is excellent. However, these greats would seldom be involved with our national broadcaster and it is my belief that we need more upcoming and adventurous directors and the will from our programming heads to use them.   A good director can make the difference with budget cuts across the national broadcaster looming. Vision can find a cheaper way to trump cost and a good production is as much about craft and trift than money and stars.


Look what I’m trying to say is real simple, this is something we can be the best at, especially since technology has kicked in and there is no more need for the massive studios anymore, because for a tiny Island on the edge of the Atlantic we have spawned more great film people than any other country in the world.


But don’t give up TV lovers, I’m sure if we hang on in there I’m sure our day will come

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