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Big Bang or What?

Big Bang or what

Big Bang or What?

Evolution of the earth is a mystery to retain
The scientists will be adamant of their big bang theory claim
Religions try to argue that their scriptures have it right
While science DNA brings new evidence to light

There are contradictions everywhere be it written in the scripts
Or checked out in a laboratory from old particles or relic bits
And archaeologists who dig and find artefacts from the past
Are brought into some arguments to help some theories last

And questions will be raised can our future be foretold
In science or in scriptures will the truth of life unfold?
And the writings of Nostradamus and the forecast that he made
In old he’d be sorcerer conjuring up tricks of his trade

But who should we believe as we go from day to day
Should we believe the scriptures and carry out the things they say
Or believe the scientific evidence of how the world evolved
Or believe that God had made the world, will our queries be resolved?

We started off our life as a teeny- weeny seed
And we get to where were going by a wonderful act and deed
This happens by the body’s blast-off with no thoughts of evolution
And another baby that will be born to ponder the solution

Whatever is the answer I suppose in time we’ll know?
When we float off this mortal coil and our wings they start to show
Then we’ll believe in angels and we’ll fly around all day
And no more we’ll have to worry of what the scripts or boffins say

I sat and listened to two men sitting near me in a café arguing about how the world came about and thought does it matter.
But it does as it inspired me to write this poem and that can’t be bad.

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  1. Tony Gorman says:

    Dublin Statues 3rd January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    The Floozy in the Jacuzzi
    Was a breath of air to see?
    And dear old Molly Malone
    Is in the place where she should be

    Old Parnell has stood his ground
    Through the troubles in the past
    But poor old Admiral Nelson
    His reign it didn’t last

    For they stuck jelly up his jacksy
    And he was blown to kingdom come
    Old Dublin never looked the same
    By the monument to come

    For they put something in his place
    That resembled a big needle
    With a light upon the top of it
    That shines away quite feeble

    The architect that created it
    Should be stuck up on the top
    To prevent him creating anymore
    As this one is a flop

    James Larkin is a welcome sight
    With his hands held up on high
    Still advising to fight for right
    And don’t let our Country die

    Joyce he stands in North Earl Street
    Looking oh so very slick
    If only he knew what his nickname is
    The prick there with the stick

    The “Ace with the Base”
    Is immortalised with his guitar
    Bringing back thoughts of Phil Lynott
    And his “Whisky in the Jar”

    “The Hags with the Bags”
    Sit near the Ha’penny Bridge for everyone to see
    Gasbagging while they’re sitting there
    As they end their shopping spree

    O’Connell is there with the rest
    And it’s only right he be
    Maybe in the years the to come
    They might put one there of me

    Anna Livia known to the Dubliners as the Floozy in the Jacuzzi was moved to Croppies Memorial Park in 2011 as some kind people were adding bubble bath to her waters when she resided in O’Connell Street.

    If there’s ever a nickname needed for anything or anyone ask a Dubliner, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh at what they will come up with.

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