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Anti – Homelessness March

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We have a serious problem regarding homelessness in Ireland today. It’s heartbreaking to witness people and families struggling to keep a roof under their heads. Should banks be allowed to evict tenants regardless if they have a contract with an ex landlord? Why put out a family on the streets and then leave their house barred up and empty?

On Saturday 28th May 2016, hundreds of people marched through Dublin City, to take part in the Housing Crisis March. People from all ages and walks of life met outside Custom House to show their support. The turn out was very impressive.

We left Custom Quay at a little past 2.20 pm. We walked over the Matt Talbot bridge on to Sir John Rogers Quay. At the very front of the march was a banner being carried by various people including Fr. Peter McFerry. There where several other groups carrying banners representing various charities.

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We headed down towards Aston Quay with the support from the public passing by. As we marched down the quays, you could hear the crowds chanting and singing. We walked all the way down to the Dublin City Council Building, crossed the bridge, then made our way back to O’Connell street, to the GPO where the rally took place.

There was various people invited up to speak such as TD Brid Smith, Fr. Peter McVerry, Pat Greene representing Dublin Simon Community, members from PBP, Siptu, Impact, CWU, Sinn Fein, Mandate Unite, Innercity Against Homeless, Bernie Kelly,  and Evelyn Campbell. People took to the stage to share their experiences, struggles, and fears.

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The question I ask is, how can this system work?  If there is no safety net put in to place? In my opinion its the Governments fault. They had had a good five years with or without a coalition to solve the housing crisis. Look at the money they gave to Irish Water. The government know that by fixing the homelessness crisis, they would not have gained any taxes like they hoped to get from Irish Water.

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At this very moment we have over 2000 children living in emergency accommodation. There are families having to use dinner houses because they don’t have the facilities to store food or cook meals. This is not acceptable. We need to take action NOW!


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