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A Drink and a Smile


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In this article, (Patrick’s Day Inspired) Dave relates how a drop of the good stuff can make you more attractive!

A Drink and a Smile

It’s well understood that alcohol has the power to make other people appear more attractive. This effect, sometimes referred to as beer goggles, can transform the average Jim or Jane into the very image of a movie star. Keep drinking and one runs the risk of waking up next to a sea monster.

But it now seems that this effect runs both ways. Recent research conducted by the Bristol School of Experimental Psychology found drinkers appear more attractive to the sober among us.

The test involved forty heterosexual alcohol drinkers; half were male and half female. These volunteers were shown two photographs of various people and asked to rate them in terms of attractiveness. One image was of a sober person and the other was a picture of the same person after they had consumed either 250 ml of alcohol (about one glass of wine) or a full 500 ml’s.

The participants found people more attractive after they had consumed the equivalent of a glass of wine. This can only be explained by changes in appearance brought about by alcohol such as subtle smiles and greater muscle relaxation or by facial flushing which can have the effect of making people appear healthier.

Unfortunately, the downside to this all too rare ‘alcohol is good for you’ story is that the images of people who’d consumed 500ml (about two glasses of wine) were seen as less attractive. It seems that beauty and alcohol walk hand in hand but, after a drink or two, then time to part Company.

The reasons for this beauty drop off were not stated in the report but they can only be explained by changes in appearance brought on by further alcohol consumption. One can only hazard a guess as to what these changes might be. Could it be a drooling at the mouth, a reddening of the nose or a certain wide eyed look? A second glass of wine appears to be too low a dose for any of these visual cues to kick in, but the science is solid.

So if there’s a lesson to be taken from all this it must surely be, when out on the town drink in moderation, and if you fancy another but still want to look your best, avoid the sober.

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