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Tourists with Cars Beware


Tourists with Cars Beware

On Friday 1st October, I was walking down Echlin Street, of James Street, Dublin 8 when I noticed a parked car with a window smashed. I stopped and took an interest in this car. It appeared who ever smashed the window may have taken something from the car. The broken window was on the passenger’s side in the back of the car. I looked in to the car and noticed a lot of cases and travelling bags scattered about on the back seat. I knew who ever owned this car must have been a tourist and could have been visiting Guinness Hop store which is only around the corner from where the car was parked. There was broken glass on the path beside the back wheel, so who ever smashed the window must have taken something of the back seat. We phoned the Garda and reported it. Sadly, this was not an isolated incident, James Street and the immediate area around Guinness has seen many such incidents.

It makes me sad to think that people are choosing our city and country to come on their holidays, only to have their possessions stolen by the unscrupulous. Dublin City is a great city, and I am proud to be a Dubliner and even more so to be from the Liberties, which is why I feel nothing but distain for these robbers. Despite the global economic downturn, many still come and spent some of their hard earned cash on their visits to our city. Without tourism, our country would be suffering a lot more financially, particularly, in our own culturally rich neck of the woods.  In Dublin 8, a lot of small business depend on the passing trade of tourists and not just local customers, we should be thanking our Irish stars that there is some money been spent and helping to keep our City alive.

If you are coming to Dublin or indeed Ireland for a visit, take care especially if you’re driving.

* Don’t leave your car with personal belongings on show, example take out everything and lock them in the booth.  Temptation is a thief.

* If you become a victim phone the Irish police, an Garda on 999 tell them what area, your car is parked.

* If you can take some photos of the damage using a camera on your mobile phone, these photo’s will help you if you need to make a claim if you have insurance

* Take out some form of Insurance before you arrive, it’s a small cost to mitigate a possible big one.

* Google the area’s you want to visit, try and get as much information you can, the good and the bad points will help you.

* Remember we want you to enjoy your visit.

* If you are parking your car, park on a busy street, try and not park near alley ways, or darken areas, make a mental note on the street your parked on, also have a quick look around and see is there any CCTV around this could be very helpful if needed.

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