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Tips for Toddle Tantrums


Toddlers are unable to communicate effectively when they are upset about something because the frontal lobe in their brain has not fully developed yet.  As they grow and learn to communicate effectively their tantrums usually subside. Although it is distressing when a toddler throws a tantrum at home, parents usually find it easier to control. When a toddler goes into a melt down when you are out and about, it can be extremely embarrassing.  People stare at you and your screaming, red faced child and you may feel that they are thinking ‘spoilt brat’.  Here are some helpful tips which you might find useful the next time your child decides to throw a tantrum

Tips to control tantrums

Remain calm

It is easier to calm your child down, if you remain calm.  If you are stressed or angry with them this will increase their upset emotions.

Distract your child

It is helpful to distract your child with a toy or a book.  They have short attention spans so it is easy to distract them.  It is good to sound enthusiastic when you give them the toy or book as this will help them to become more interested in it

Hug your child

Most people don’t feel like hugging their child when they are having a meltdown but giving your child a hug will calm your child and help them to feel safe.

Don’t give in to them

If you are in a supermarket and your child demands their favourite sweets and cries hysterically for them, it is important that you don’t give in to him. If you do he will think he can get what he wants anytime he opens his mouth.  Instead tell him to stop crying and shouting or you will leave the shop.

Reward them for good behaviour

Young children can find it very difficult to stay still and quiet when they are out for dinner or in a café. They can become very bored.  If you bring a toy for them and offer to give them a treat it can help. If they are about to throw a tantrum, remind them about their treat as this can help the tantrum to dissipate.

Devise a plan when a tantrum takes place

Tantrums can be extremely stressful and draining for parents.  It is important that you both stick to a plan when your child throws a tantrum. Remember that your child is not purposefully misbehaving; they just don’t know another way of coping with distressing emotions. They will outgrow tantrums in the coming years so just remember it is just a temporary thing.

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