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Signs Your Thyroid Is Out Of Sync

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Signs Your Thyroid Is Out Of Sync

The thyroid is one of the largest glands in the endocrine system.  If it is out of sync you can feel constantly tired, depressed, cold, and gain weight easily, despite not having an increased appetite.  Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid hormones aren’t functioning, which results in a reduced metabolism.  Each cell in your body is affected by a malfunctioning metabolism. The thyroid gland produces and releases two hormones, T4 and T3.  T3 is the more active gland, and thyroxine is converted into T3 in different parts of the body. The thyroid is also responsible for regulating cholesterol, and this causes raised levels in an underactive thyroid.  The doctor prescribes a synthetic hormone medication made from the desiccated thyroid glands of pigs, called Levothyroxin.  This medication helps the majority of people.  However, some people need to look at incorporating alternative foods into their diet, alongside the medication.  One food which has proven to be effective regarding hypothyroidism is coconut oil.  It has received negative publicity in the past due to its high content of saturated fat, but this saturated fat is healthy.  It contains lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids which are beneficial for your heart health.

Nigel Turner and Jiming Ye from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research studied the effects of fat metabolism and insulin resistance in mice fed coconut oil and lard based diets.

“The medium chain fatty acids like those found in coconut oil are interesting to us because they behave very differently to the fats normally found in our diets,” said study leader Turner.

“Unlike the long chain fatty acids contained in animal fats, medium chain fatty acids are small enough to enter the mitochondria – the cells’ energy burning powerhouses – directly where they can then be converted to energy.”


The benefits of Coconut oil

Promotes heart health

Boosts the immune system

Provides energy

Regulates blood sugar levels

Boosts metabolism

Promotes weight loss

Low levels of selenium may cause your thyroid to become underactive. Taking a selenium supplement can help to stimulate the thyroid. Selenium is necessary for your body to create and use thyroid hormones, called seleno-proteins.


Foods high in selenium

Brazil nuts


Tuna fish

Whole wheat bread

Whole grains

Sunflower seeds

Chicken and turkey




(Get your doctor to take a blood sample to check your TSH levels if you have any of these symptoms.) 


Symptoms of hypothyroidism


Frequent viral infections

Hair loss

Frequent bruising

Slow heart rate

PMS/irregular periods

Sensitivity to cold




Aches and pains





Sore throat/hoarseness

Poor concentration and impaired memory

Dry hair and skin

Brittle nails


(It is best to wait a few hours before consuming these products after taking your levothyroxine)


Soybean flour/soya

Iron and calcium supplements

Antacids containing magnesium or aluminium

Ulcer medication containing Carafate

Cholesterol reducing medications (Questran and Colestid)


Wait at least 30 minutes before consuming caffeine and health supplements. This is because your body needs to assimilate the levothyroxine.

Hypothyroidism is a manageable condition and if you continue to take your medication the symptoms should subside in time.

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