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Keep your Pets Safe this Halloween

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Halloween is a time of fun and trickery for children and adults but it can be a traumatic and stressful time for your pets. For those of us who have pets its very important to keep them safe during the Halloween period. I have heard horror stories of animals getting abused, teased and even killed. Here are some tips on how to help ease the stress for your pet during Halloween.

• Keep your pet indoors. Keep your pets in a separate room away from the front door and close the curtains. Trick- or- Treaters calling to the house could startle your pets and cause them to escape out the front door!
• To help reduce anxiety in the animal you can feed them at a later time, play music to drown out the commotion from outside or play with them if they’re up for it!
• Make sure to keep your pets away from decorations, glow sticks, fake cobweb and flammable items like candles, pumpkins and fireworks.
• Ensure your pets are wearing collars with proper ID and a microchip in case of an accidental getaway!

Please keep your pets safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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