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Its a Dog’s Life


Its a Dog’s Life

Animals, especially our pets, are very close and dependent on us. They need as much love and care as we do to live well and stay healthy. Just like ourselves our little furry friends get ill and have their own problems. I have a little cat that fell ill recently and thinking that I was doing the right thing, I fed him one paracetamol and he nearly died the next day of liver failure.

I was shocked at the revelation that cats can’t be given human medicines like paracetamol and I am happy my pet made it through the nightmare that nearly cost him his life. This time he survived. Looking into natural remedies for pets I found out that our animals can be treated in a more natural and safer way.

Almost every kind of illness can be treated with alternative therapies and natural medicines. Kidney disease, cancer, asthma, skin disease, ear problems, allergies and spinal problems are only a few conditions that come to mind and they are all treatable by using holistic therapies.

Holistic healing is healing without the use of drugs. It is done by the use of natural plants and herbs as an alternative to chemicals, hands-on healing or using massage and oils. When your pet is taken to the holistic vet, your pet will need to be examined and assessed before the right kind of therapy can be recommended. Here’s a few holistic therapies that can be used on your sick pet.


Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has been around for a while and can be used to treat almost every kind of illness. Homeopathic medicines come in liquid or tablet form and is made of natural plant, herb and fruit extracts that have been diluted.

To prevent your pet from getting bruised or reduce bleeding and pain, Arnica is recommended. Arnica can be used to help revive newborn puppies or kittens or help your pet from recovering from strokes. For nausea, vomiting and retching use Arsenicum Album. It is a skin remedy and can treat itching, redness and flaking(dandruff). Arsenicum  also helps with anxiety and restlessness.

If your dog have eye problems try Euphrasia. Hepar Sulph treats infections such as painful abscesses or infected wounds and skin or eye infections.

There is an endless list of homeopathy remedies and conditions like weak back legs, lower back pain, dry coughs, fear of thunder, nervous tension and false pregnancies are all treatable with homeopathic medicines.


Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is an old Chinese treatment that has been around for thousands of years and can be used on pets too. It  is good for restoring the body, so that the body becomes immune to serious illnesses. This treatment will prevent your animal from falling ill.

By inserting the needles into the body, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving substances are released. Veterinary acupuncture has no side effects and therefore your pet’s internal organs remains healthy throughout treatment.

It helps with the removal of metabolic wastes and toxins and improves the blood flow of tissues. Acupuncture works on balancing the energies of the body and helps the body to heal itself. The needles are inserted into body tissue where nerve bundles and blood vessels come together.


Herbal Treatment

Herbal remedies are made of herbs and flowers and usually come in tablet form. They are available for almost every kind of illness or ailment.

You can treat  bronchial conditions with Garlic Tablets; rheumatism, arthritis, skin conditions, coughs and minor infections with Garlic and Fenugreek Tablets; travel illness, epilepsy, nervousness and excitability with Scullcap and Valerian Tablets; and for animals with attitude problems like jealousy, impulsiveness or bad tempers there is Bioforce Over Dominant Flower Essence.

These type of herbal treatments at very affordable and sites like sells them online for cheaper.


Aromatherapy Treatment

Aromatherapy is not a treatment many vets out there are using, but that is not to say that it does not work. It is a relatively new treatment for animals, but has been used by the Egyptians for centuries.

Because it could be potentially harmful if not applied in the correct dosage or manner many pet owners still shy away from aromatherapeutic treatments which is normally applied by way of massage or burning the oil in an oil burner.

Aromatherapy oils come from distilled plant extracts and is a volatile concentration of the plant. It is recommended that you do not apply it to your pet if they are already taking homeopathic medicines. Nevertheless it is good for a range of conditions and can be used as a digestive, disinfectant, analgesic, calmative,anaesthetic, stimulant and tonic.


Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment involves pulling the bones of the skeleton to realign the body. By doing this, trapped nerves are freed and joints, muscles and ligaments are healed. Chiropractic can reduce the pain in your dog’s joints, improve their movements and improve the function of the internal organs.


Nutritional Advice

Nutritional Advice is about getting the right amounts of nutrients into your dog’s diet, but it is also about how you treat your pet’s environment; keeping the place where he eats and sleeps healthy will also make your pet happier. There is plenty of advice on how to create a healthier diet and environment for your pet.

Some advice you will get from a nutritionist is: to watch that your dog does not get overweight and tips on how to control his diet; tips on how to feed a puppy; tips on how to feed your animal and which treats are of benefit to them.


LASER Treatment

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses an intense beam of light to penetrate the affected tissue and there is no cutting or surgery involved so your dog won’t feel any pain. It is a therapy that can be used to reduce pain and inflammation.

LLLT releases endorphins and increases white blood cells in the immune system by reducing inflammation. LLLT also speeds up healing by speeding up the blood flow and repairing tissue cells.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease, Anal Glands and Lick Granulomas is just a few conditions that can be treated with Laser Therapy. It is relatively cheap and could set you back €40 per treatment. Your pet will usually need three treatments during the first two weeks. After that treatments are reduced to once a week.


Natural Feeding – Natural Diet

Natural feeding can prevent many illnesses you might face with your pet. It is a good idea to give them extra vitamins and minerals. There are many herbal formula’s on the market especially designed for pets.

Wellbeing Herbal Formula 30g contains herbal minerals, trace elements and essential vitamins and is made of organic herbal ingredients. This formula is good for the prevention of kidney or thyroid problems and also promotes overall glandular health while cleaning the blood. It is good for your dog’s bones, teeth and coat’s condition.

Add a Five A Day Veggie Formula and your dog will get all the necessary vitamins they need daily. Dogs have a difficult time digesting chunks of vegetables, so it is easier to supply them with the required nutrients for good organ health and to keep their weight balanced by feeding them a formula.


Treating Your Dog’s Teeth  

Dog Plaque Off Homeopathic Formula is a good remedy to fight bacteria and tartar buildup. It prevents bad breath, bleeding gums and removes plaque by either using a toothbrush or a chewing tooth cleansing bone. Fragaria(wild strawberry) is a homeopathic medicine that prevents plaque buildup and it dissolves plaque.


Other holistic treatments you can try out:

Back manipulation

Bach Flowers

Holistic medicine

Flower Essences

Tissue Salts

Holistic therapy

Holistic advice

Integrated Medicine

Anthroposophical medicines

Natural medicine

Ultrasound Treatment


Animals are sensitive creatures and their internal make-up is different from us. Medicines serve their purpose and I would not recommend you move away from it completely, there are times when an injection could mean that your pet’s life get saved. Holistic treatments works over time, and is a slower process of healing, but it is healthier, works just as good as any medicine made from chemicals and other substances, and will bring out the real animal in your pet. Most importantly, don’t forget to give your favourite pet plenty of love – love is still the best medicine out there!

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