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We all can have needs for spaces at times. I have borrowed the upstairs of a friends shop to have a photographic exhibition, friends sitting rooms to sell vintage jewelry, attended exhibitions in an art gallery “This is Not a Shop” that provided gallery space in the front room of converted shop for 2 years. I’ve had to trawl the obvious hotels for a cheap meeting room with lots of time spent on the phone. I know of people who are thinking of going the airbnb route for renting rooms to make some extra money. All of these speak of the need for short term rentals. But what if you have a room or storage space that could make you some money but you don’t know how to connect? What if you don’t have a friend with a spare room in the city centre but would like to have an exhibition of your work?

Fillit , a website, aims to provide that connection. The website has been active for the last year. Started by a firm of Event Planners, whose work meant they constantly sourced venues for their clients, they have put that knowledge to use for the rest of us.
Fillit is there to act as a connector between those that need a temporary venue and those that have spaces to rent. The website ( is easy to navigate if you are looking for a venue or want to rent out space. It is fascinating just seeing the various venues possible. A number of them I had vague knowledge of, like the Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay, but had never been inside.
I spoke with a friend who rented Film Base’s Gallery on the Curved Street in Temple Bar and had nothing but praise for the support Film Base provided for her 3 day rental.
So if you have ideas that need spaces or spaces that need ideas might help to make your thoughts real.
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