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Emotional Intelligence and You

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and You

Is there a way to estimate why some people are successful in the work place and others aren’t? The answer is yes. According to a recent test-study and questionnaire it was found when testing employers and employees that it is emotional intelligence (EI) that sets us apart. Some of us are emotionally intelligent enough to succeed in the work place and others can’t. And those who were more able for their competitive work environments and workload had higher EI’s than those with lower EI levels. It turns out it is a simple formula that one has to be followed in order for you to get to that promotion and stop you from walking out on your job.

EI tests in accordance with a questionnaire (relating to previous work history and status) were done on employers and employees to see how previous job held and salaries earned related and were influenced by the emotional intelligence of the employer or employee. In most instances those who had a higher EI level were already receiving higher salaries and had been promoted more often in their work careers than those with lower EI levels. The tests revealed that those with a lower EI found it harder to stay in one job, never had been or rarely been offered promotions and in most cases were still earning less money than those employees with higher EI’s.

What is Emotional Intelligence and why could this be the reason you are still not your own boss or the editor of a national newspaper? One definition says that emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour.

So what it comes down to – is it is the way you behave in the work place and the way you treat your fellow workmates and employers in the workplace, that will make the difference to help you succeed and win over others. People-people are very rarely ignored at business meetings, business parties, in the office or the canteen, and networking for them is easier. Networking will ultimately lead to that promotion and other invitations you desperately need to rise above the average punter who also desires to be as rich as you one day.

Those who are not into mingling at work or sharing their feelings and thoughts with the rest of the office are often left out. They are not invited to gatherings in the pub after work, or will turn down an invitation to join the others (those with the higher emotional intelligence), and this is the time they miss the gossip, miss out on who is up for a promotion or what positions are available for the taking. The Smith’s song says it best: Shyness is nice, where to order levitra online shyness can stop you, from doing all the things in life you’d like to. Because of their feelings of inadequacy or shyness they are often left behind and become unhappy at work.

The questionnaire and test also found that business deals are in most cases sealed with confident people; the more confidence you have is also a reflection of a higher EI and future investors prefer confident salespeople as it gives them the re-assurance that they are investing their time and money wisely. The opposite is true for those who lack confidence, sympathy or understanding. Lower EI level employers or employees find it harder to pitch a sale and will carry this energy to the prospect buyer or investor.

What can you do to improve your EI?

There is many ways to get your emotional intelligence to work for you at work; if it is failing you. One very good piece of advice is to always put yourself in another person’s shoes. You need to think about how you would deal and think about situations that present itself to you and those you share a work environment with so that you can improve on it, in order to become more sympathetic and empathetic (this way you also get to know the competition).

An example of a situation you might find yourself in: Your friend has had a miscarriage, what is the best way to deal with it? Do you talk to her about it or do you let her talk about it? Do you offer her advice or do you offer her your support? For you to grow emotionally more intelligent, you need to consider your friends position she finds herself in and also consider her feelings. How would you have liked your friends to be handled you, if it was your miscarriage? Knowing how to do this and doing the thing that makes your friend feel better and happy – is called emotional intelligence. Always encourage yourself to think of better ways to treat and understand those around you.

Emotionally intelligent people are supportive and they also tend to be good listeners. They know how to give advice when asked for advice. You need to know when to hold and when to fold em as the song says. Business works in the same way, it is essentially the same game. Being a good listener, supportive of other’s ideas and being able to verbalise your own ideas will make your more promotable and you will eventually succeed in getting your desired salary or job you had always dreamed of. That said being affirmative and adamant also gets you there, while being emotionally weak, shy or insensitive, could discourage those you work with.

The formula is to be FIERCE not to fear: Be Friendly, be Intelligent, be Eager, be Reliable, be Cunning and be Every-where!

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