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‘Be Safe Be Seen’ Halloween Campaign

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‘Be Safe Be Seen’ Halloween Campaign

On the 31st October every year we celebrate Halloween, also known as Hallowe’en, Allhallowe’en, All Hallows ‘Eve or All Saints’ Eve. Halloween is celebrated by Christians, non-Christians and pagans in many countries around the world. Halloween falls on the first day of Allhallowtide. It is a day where traditionally church services and vigils are held, prayers are said, and fasting from meat is encouraged in some of the more prudish countries.  The holiday originated on our own shores as part as of Celtic tradition.  Children and adults go trick-or-treating and light bonfires, while all who takes part in the celebrations dress up in costume and visit haunted attractions. It is believed to be a Western Christian feast in honour of the dead. Saints, martyrs and Christian believers are remembered during three days when humour and ridicule is confronted to overpower death.
With all this activity approaching Halloween again this year, the possibility of all the dangers involving fireworks and hazardous bonfires is also present. Children will be everywhere trick-or-treating and adults will be going to costume parties where they will be drinking and eating while celebrating the night of the living dead. Sometimes Halloween can become quite chaotic and the safety of young people, old people and their pets has to be considered in order to prevent unnecessary injury from happening.
Dublin Fire Brigade’s Halloween Safety Campaign, ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ has been launched across Dublin City aiming to inform children of the dangers of bonfire building and fireworks. An Garda Siochana, the DSPCA and Dublin Bus will join Dublin Fire Brigade in the ‘Be Safe Be Seen’ campaign with talks being held at schools and other venues by the Emergency Services, DSPCA and Dublin Bus.
The Lord Mayor, Críona Ní Dhálaigh, who has been very active during the campaign said: “I want to encourage everyone to enjoy Halloween safely this year. Each year we see the trauma suffered by families through injuries caused by illegal bonfires and fireworks. These illegal activities can have devastating and life changing consequences. Faraor, ní thuigtear chomh tromchúiseach is atá na himpleachtaí sin go dtí go dtarlaíonn timpiste. Dublin City Council organises safe, family friendly events in communities all over the city and I encourage everybody to act sensibly and come along and enjoy these events in a safe environment.”
Pat Flemming, Chief Fire Officer, Dublin Fire Brigade stated “Halloween night is one of the busiest nights of the year for Dublin Fire Brigade. I would advise people to exercise common sense. Adults in particular are requested to keep a watchful eye on the very young, the very old, and the vulnerable members of our society. I would call on all parents to remind their children that Fire fighters and other Emergency Service personnel are there to protect them and their property and ensure the safety of the public. It is a fun night and should be enjoyed by all. Keep Children away from bonfires, keep bonfires away from buildings, keep away from illegal fireworks, keep it organised, keep it fun and most of all keep it safe.”

Dublin Fire Brigades main message this Halloween:
Dublin Fire Brigade and Dublin City Council are encouraging people to attend organized events in their local area which are supervised and which provide entertainment for all.

Bonfires and fireworks are illegal and extremely dangerous and cause a lot of injuries and damage. Stay a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks – wind can carry sparks long distances and cause permanent injuries and scars.

Do not buy, use or supply fireworks.

Respect the Emergency Services, Council staff and the Gardaí in doing their jobs

Keep pets indoors on Halloween night.

Dublin City Council is asking citizens to assist them by reporting any issues regarding the storage or distribution of bonfire material to:
1. Dublin City Council’s Litter Hotline on 1800 251 500 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
2. The Environmental Protection Agency’s 24 hour National Environmental Complaints Line at 1850 365 121
3. Log onto our website ie , click on the link ‘Report Stockpiling of Bonfire Material’
4. Email

Top ten tips for a safe Halloween
1. If you see material such as pallets, tyres and old furniture being hoarded in advance of Halloween please report it to the council by:
2. Go along to one of the City Council’s organised events – find details of organised events here:
3. Do not leave material lying around that may be taken for a bonfire. Many garage or garden shed items such as petrol, white spirits, diesel, aerosols, batteries, tins of paint, bottles and tyres are especially dangerous if set on fire.
4. Explain the dangers of illegal fireworks and bonfires to children and teenagers.
5. Stay a safe distance from bonfires and fireworks – wind can carry sparks long distances and cause permanent injuries and scars.
6. Stay with your children and escort them on ‘trick-or-treat’ visits, parties and events.
7. Keep dangerous substances such as oil, petrol and diesel away from fires or fireworks.
8. Do not buy, use or supply fireworks.
9. Respect the Emergency Services, Council staff and the Gardaí in doing their jobs.
10. Keep pets indoors on Halloween night.
A fire safety DVD, made by Dublin Fire Brigade, is available for viewing via YouTube at But Halloween only comes along once a year and we get to be whoever we want to by dressing up like anything and anybody, scary or funny, it’s your choice. And what is Halloween without a good party or a scary excursion? So don’t forget to have fun while you are still alive and! Just remember, safety first!


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