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An Introduction to Counseling

COunsellingAn Introduction to Counseling 

 Counselling / Psychotherapy.

Are you thinking of attending a counsellor, but not sure what to expect.  Are you not sure, if counselling can help.  The following is a short explanation of what to expect.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process where a trained Professional will listen to how you feel and what your problem is.  You and the counsellor, will work together to come up with a solution.  In other words.  If you are feeling unhappy with a problem from the past, or the way things are today. Counselling can help. This may take just a couple of sessions or might take a little longer.

What to expect on first visit:

The counsellor will listen as you tell her/him your problem and then suggest ways to bring about a solution. He/she will also out line confidentiality, contract, fee, times and length of sessions.

Question to ask before you attend, or on your first visit.

Is the counsellor an accredited   trained professional?    Organizations such as, the Irish Association, of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  (IACP)  have a web site where you can check if the counsellor is a member. 

Fees:    Most counsellors work on a sliding scale of 70 to 50 euro. Counsellors who are not yet accredited and who are gaining experience may charge much less. Many government funded organizations and community groups provide a free service but often have a long waiting list.

 Don’t be afraid to change counsellor if you are not comfortable after a couple of sessions. Shop around until you find someone that suits you.

 Some of the problems brought to counselling are as follows.  Depression, past traumatic experiences, self-harming /suicidal thoughts.  Bereavements and grief.  Lack of motivation.  Bullying, eating disorders. Anxiety, sexual identity confusion /problems.  Relationship /family problems.  Lack of coping skills, employment and organizational issues, victims of crime, managing   HIV /Hep C. heart attack   and other medical conditions you may have to deal with.  Stress, addiction, anger management.   Also including everyday problems that we all experience from time to time.   

In my next article, I hope to provide more information and suggestions that could   be helpful for those of you coping with common mental health problems such as stress.

I would also like to advise anyone feeling suicidal to tell someone such as a close friend, relative, or your doctor.   You can also present yourself at your local hospital in A/E where you will receive help. Do not ignore your feelings.   It is difficult to speak out when you are in crisis but you will receive help and there is always another solution.   You can also ring the Samaritans free phone 116123. (Special 6-digit number)           

Ava Stapleton.

MIACP. H.Dip Supervision. R.T. Certified.

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